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Plan for 0.5 Engineering Tasks


  • Calendar Views: mini calendar (Jed), allday/task header (Katie), visual polish (Katie), edit in place (Katie), calendar navigation (Katie)
  • Chrome: sidebar (John), deletion (John), printing week and day views (Jed)
  • CPIA: attribute editor framework (Donn/Bryan), view delegation (John), sorting collections (John), notification improvements (John), performance (John), user data addressing (John)
  • Detail View: email attachments (Donn/Bryan), event invitations (Donn/Bryan), detail view polish (Donn/Bryan), allday/anytime (Donn/Bryan), reminders (Donn/Bryan), date/time entry widget (Donn/Bryan), view delegation (Donn/Bryan)
  • Content Model: attribute redirection (Donn), allday/anytime events (Donn), reminders (Donn), sharing and email support (Donn), content model cleanup (Donn)
  • wxWidgets: tabs improvements (David), button/control changes (David), widgets upgrades (David), toolbar? (David), alpha drawing (David)


  • Collection Sharing: Share each cloud as a resource (Morgen) Stop sharing collection (Morgen), access control client library (Heikki), sharing invitations not destroyed (Morgen)
  • Event Invitations: Human-readable auto-invites (Brian P1)
  • iCalendar: export/import (Jeffrey)
  • Email: Attachments (Brian), SMTP and IMAP improvements in twisted (Brian)
  • Utilities: Notification manager design (P1) and improvements (Brian P2), WakeupCaller and make polling work (Brian)
  • Security: M2Crypto integration into Twisted (Heikki)


  • Performance: investigations and improvements (Ted and Andi), version purging (Andi)
  • Repository: version merging (Andi)
  • Queries: notifications and other support for item collections and sharing (Ted)
  • Data model: dates/times (Ted), api review (Ted), cloud deletion (Andi)


  • Smaller footprint: memory and disk
  • Upgrading components: widgets, more TBD...

Engineering/Architecture Issues

  • Notification
  • Developer platform: zaobao sample (Katie), photo sample (Morgen)
  • Logging system (hazmat?)
  • Modularization: refactor into layered modules/parcels (Katie)
  • ProfileDirectory (Heikki)
  • Internationalization: plan (Ken K)

Deferred work

  • Recurring meeting management
  • Remove sharee from shared collection
  • Repository queries
  • Freebusy synch: instead rely on existing calendar synch to glean freebusy from that
  • Security improvements: removing extra encryption routines (except M2Crypto); SSL cert checking
  • Sharing status was deferred because we're worried it might not always work (need write permission) and because we have a greater need to work on the granularity of shared items. (early Dec '04)

-- LisaDusseault - 25 Oct 2004

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