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wxPython in Chandler


wxPython lead, OSA Foundation

7 December 2006


This page describes the ongoing Apps Team work on the wx framework (wxPython and wxWidgets) required by Chandler.

At the bottom of this page you can find a number of URLs for useful wxPython resources, information and supporting technologies.


  • OSAF
    • PhilippeBossut - Chandler Apps Team Manager
    • RobinDunn - creator and primary maintainer of wxPython, Apps Team contractor
    • ReidEllis - OSAF staff engineer (wx work initially)
    • JohnAnderson

    • part-time wxWidgeteers:
      • BryanStearns
      • GrantBaillie
      • JeffreyHarris
      • MarkkuMielityinen - Chandler Apps Team 2006 Intern
      • (emeritus) AndiVajda
      • (semi-retired) DavidSurovell
      • (retired) AlecFlett, JedBurgess, MichaelToy

  • wxPython, wxWidgets community

Repository info

The wxWidgets and wxPython code has its own repository at OSAF, it is located at http://svn.osafoundation.org/wx/ (or svn+ssh://svn.osafoundation.org/svn/wx if you have write access). There are currently two main branches in the repostitory, the main trunk and a branch named wx-cvs.

The wx-cvs branch is a mirror of CVS HEAD from the wxWidgets project that is updated periodically by Robin. There are plans for automating this but they haven't been put in place yet. It's not a time consuming task so it hasn't been much of a priority to start the automation going.

Nothing else gets checked in to the wx-cvs branch except for the results of "cvs update". If changes need to go back to wx then they go the normal route of being added to wx CVS HEAD first and then they will get back to OSAF via updates to the wx-cvs branch. After the wx-cvs branch is updated then it is merged in to the trunk, which is where the OSAF customizations live.

When the trunk is stable and tested with Chandler then changes are made in Chandler's repository that tell it to pull a specified svn revision from the wx repository, build it, and make a tarball from the built binaries and etc. This tarball is then what is downloaded and installed when somebody does a "make install" in the chandler source dir. (So basically the people working on chandler don't have to deal with building all the binaries and other 3rd party things, they just have to install the latest snapshots from a pre-built tarball.)

A new branch named "transparency" has been made for development of new alpha drawing capabilities and other transparency related features. Stefan Csomor, one of the code wxWidgets developers is helping out with this.

Current status

Chandler is currently using the r127 wxPython tarball.

The code in the wx trunk is a snapshot of the wxWidgets CVS HEAD at the time that wxPython was tagged, plus some OSAF customizations.

Current tasks

  • Preparing to merge wxPython 2.8.0 into the OSAF wx tree.

  • Wrapping new wx classes for wxPython, maintenance of existing wrappers.

  • Ongoing community support.

wxMac notes

Using "Quartz Debug.app" to evaluate the drawing discipline of a wxMac version of Chandler:

  1. launch Chandler
    • optionally, choose the Welcome Note
  2. launch Quartz Debug.app. The tools' control panel should be visible
  3. set the options as follows:
    • ON - Autoflush drawing
    • ON - Flash screen updates (yellow)
    • OFF - No delay after flash

These settings means each time a rect is drawn in any app on the system, the system colors it yellow first. It also puts a small delay in after each draw, so it's easier to see what's going on. Thanks to Grant Baillie

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  • wxWidgets
  • wxPython
    • wxPython build documentation
    • wxPython-specific reference docs
    • How to learn wxPython
    • wxPython OS X issues
    • Manning Publications - wxPython in Action

  • Other tool tech info
    • SWIG
    • Bakefile
    • GCC
    • International Components for Unicode
    • i18n - intro

  • "Open Source" info
    • OSI - Open Source Initiative
    • OSI - "Open Source" definition

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