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Chandler's wx modifications

Categorized SVN changes

I am making a list of changes that seem to be related. More specifically a list of SVN revisions. Then I will get a list of the files changed and make a patch for those file. Repeat for each category/feature. This will take a while.-- TechGuruFloyd - 15 Apr 2009

* files.ods: TechGuruFloyd?'s Notes (ODS file) on which files have been patched by osaf categorized by feature

To check out the files changed in each revision, check out: the SVN log!


202 bug11479 send HIDDEN event
179 better GetHeaderButtonWidget?
178 DrawHeaderButton? fix for gtk
172 error resizing columns in search
164 remove stray )
127 Fix for non-pre-compiled headers
126 GetItemL?...Width
124 wxGrid columns noresize
123 fix compile error
113 comment unneeded wxLogDebug
106 trim borders bug4250
104 Add SelectionIs? to wxGrid
103 rm SelectionIs? (not in wxGrid)
102 minimize notifi...w/selection...grid
101 nav key crashes bug6724
97 live resize rows/cols bug6500
87 ColHeader? refactoring ... wxGrid...
52 complete rev 51
51 Column header resising bug5840
44 MSVC solution file for griddemo
16 alpha colheader windows bug5910
15 ColumnHeader? demo


168 expose wxToolBarTool
163 wxToolBar::SetToolLabel wxGTK
162 wxToolBar::SetToolLabel
136 slection mode native toolbar
100 own/position emb ctrl native tbar
74 toolbar crashing code disabled
73 another toolbar checkpoint
72 latest toolbar changes checkpoint
71 flashing toolbar bug6163
68 Toolbar buttons size bug 6123
65 Revert Mac toolbar
57 Mac native toolbar
55 enable native toolbar support

event stuff

184 event injection mac linux
183 event injection
181 scroll wheel comment cleanup
180 better scroll wheel events
157 EmulateKeyPress? windows fix
153 script record bug wx.EVT_CHAR
128 FilterEvent? hook
27 Add KeyEvent? method m_uniChar

window misc

205 tip dialog recognize URLs
166 buttons.py align bitmap
165 ScrollWindow? workaround
161 reset tool bitmap even in native
138 RaiseAboveAll?
112 buttons.py bug6572
110 selection state for sidebar... icons
90 wx.App.DisplayAvailable()
54 HIThemeSetFill? not in MacPanther?
28 buttons.py no buffered drawing

translation and other text

210 wxTextCtrl::HitTest for wxMac
154 wxHyperLinkCtrl styles
152 compile fix when w/o PCH
105 remove superfluous wxTE_MUL...
88 msg ctlog...wxGetTranslation
66 Makefile initialize WX_LINGUAS
56 override GetString? bug5968
29 build .mo files on windows
26 Missing an else


194 undo wx_r47229 fix Func..Tests
182 width>0 and w>width bug10373
171 display .this attr
147 no unsigned int
133 more msvc wxrc fixes
132 wcrc msvc proj files
111 view menu not switch view
107 edit>del & sha collec... bug6136
69 wxrc
6 initial osaf wx customizations

osaf stuff that doesn't need to go upstream (list is incomplete, but doesn't really need to be complete)

50 more changes to VER_FLAGS
18 osaf version flags
10 Add Readme-OSAF.txt

Everything below this point is [most likely] out of date

David Surovell

Chandler GUI Frameworks Engineer, OSA Foundation

10 April 2006

This page describes the Chandler-specific additions and modifications to be applied to stock wxPython and wxWidgets releases.

The Chandler application makes few (if any) demands of the wxPython / wxWidgets frameworks for features that are outside of typical desktop application behavior. As such, we strive to work with standard wxWidgets releases. However, there are bugs and unfinished features within wxWidgets that need to be addressed in order for Chandler to meet its specified functional requirements. To this end, we implement various missing features and bug fixes and submit them to the wxWidgets community, either as patches entered in SourceForge or via dialogue with wx maintainers. Historically, this has been viable for Chandler development as well as beneficial to the wxWidgets community. At any given time, however, there are various source-level changes from wx releases that reside in the Chandler "/internal/wx" SVN repository that haven't yet been accepted by the wx (wxPython and wxWidgets) development communities. This work requires significant effort from both sides, and can be broken down as follows:

  • OSAF engineers are required to:
    • submit to informal code review
    • develop significant supporting demo and documentation materials
  • wx community engineers (with commit privileges) are required to:
    • review submission materials
    • apply and test the patches
    • check in the patches
    • verify the build

Currently, the change list is as follows:

  • wxGrid changes:
    1. John's wxGrid feature addition - no cursor mode
    2. John's wxGrid feature addition - selection tracks changes to cursor
    3. John's wxGrid bug fix - fails when number of rows or columns changes
    4. John's (wxMSW-only?) wxGrid::dtor child wxGridWindow crash fix
      • src/generic/grid.cpp
      • Bug 4754
      • (submission plans TBD - needs rewrite)
    5. David's wxMac bug fix - wxGrid "blank editor"
      • src/generic/grid.cpp
      • Bug 3854
      • (submission plans TBD)
    6. David's wxMac bug fix - wxGridSelection extra erase on selection change
      • src/generic/gridsel.cpp
      • Bug 4157
      • (submission plans TBD)

  • wxPython changes:
    1. David's bump of wxPython version to "270" (and/or "262")
      • wxPython/config.py", wxPython/wx/build/config.py
      • (should happen in wx of its own accord...)

  • miscellaneous changes:
    1. Reid's wxMac - feature additon - wxDC support for native antialiasing
      • src/mac/carbon/dccg.cpp, include/wx/mac/carbon/dc.h, include/wx/dc.h
      • (submission plans TBD)
    2. David's addition for wxMac wxSettings support for new MacOSX v10.3 highlight theme color
    3. David's wxMac - wxToolbar removal of obligatory border for non-root toolbars
      • src/mac/carbon/toolbar.cpp
      • custom Chandler feature request: currently switched off in OnPaint
      • (submission plans TBD - not likely)
    4. David's addition for wxMSW native WinXP double-buffering
      • src/msw/toplevel.cpp (2 places), include/wx/msw/missing.h
      • include/wx/msw/setup0.h, include/wx/msw/chkconf.h
      • (updated on 11-Nov-05; ready for submission to wx)
    5. David's wxExpat v2.0 update
      • expat/*
      • (updated on 06-Feb-06; needs work for submission to wx)

  • changes to fix Chandler build issues (not for wx submission):
    1. wxMSW bakefile problem - affects many "makefile.*" files
      • many files need to reference libs with names like "wx26..." vs. "wx27..."
      • these hacks will be removed when we fix our bakefile problems
      • see Bug 4670 for more details
    2. Makefile.in
      • hack to suppress wxpresets-related build failure
      • additions for OSAF classes: minical, colheader
    3. include/wx/msw/setup0.h
      • made default of wxUSE_UNICODE=1
      • disabled wxUSE_DATAVIEWCTRL due to mingwin build issues
    4. John's wxMSW MSVC build project files
      • build/msw/wx_osaf.sln, lots of "*.vcproj" files

  • minor changes (not applied):
    1. configure.in - removed deadly blank lines - processing may be fixed in bakefile 0.1.9
    2. src/generic/grid.cpp - debugging code (nopped out)
    3. src/generic/splitter.cpp - debugging code (nopped out)
    4. 0-2 others

  • minor changes accepted / applied:
    1. include/wx/mac/carbon/ - dc.h, textctrl.h, window.h
    2. src/generic/ - dcpsg.cpp, grid.cpp, gridsel.cpp, listctrl.cpp, toolbkg.cpp
    3. src/mac/carbon/ - "*.cpp"
    4. src/msw/ - evtloop.cpp, mediactrl.cpp, tbar95.cpp
    5. src/unix/ - gsockets.cpp, mimetype.cpp

  • patches recently accepted / applied:
    1. David's wxMac toolbar OnPaint refactorization
      • src/mac/carbon/toolbar.cpp
    2. David's fix for wxMac DrawRoundedRect curvature problem
      • src/mac/carbon/dccg.cpp
    3. David's fix for wxPython wxHTML v2.7 changes (wxHtmlHelp class, JS refactoring)
      • wxPython/src/html.i
    4. David's fix for wxMac crash on wxSlider without SL_LABEL style
      • src/mac/carbon/slider.cpp
    5. David's fix for wxWidgets wxFontMapper:: change
      • wxPython/src/_font.i
    6. David's improvements to GIF file i/o error handling
      • src/common/gifdecod.cpp, contrib/src/animate/animate.cpp, contrib/include/wx/animate/animate.h
      • regression via wxPythonDemo - GIF Animation and SVN-corrupted GIFs
    7. David's fix for wxGTK SetInvokingWindow link error
      • src/gtk/menu.cpp
    8. David's fix for wxMac mishandling of separator menu items
      • src/mac/carbon/menuitem.cpp
    9. David's fixes for removal of wx v2.4 compatibility
      • wxPython/src/*.py (4-5 files)
    10. David's fix for wxPython kybd. constant collisions with wxWidgets/include/wx/defs.h
      • wxPython/src/_defs.i
    11. David's addition to empty wxPython wxMenuItem.SetBitmaps stub function
      • wxPython/src/_menu.i
    12. David's refactoring of common code for menu UpdateUI handling
      • supporting fix for lack of wxMac UpdateUI support for menu events with no associated wxFrameWindow
      • src/common/framecmn.cpp, src/common/menucmn.cpp, include/wx/menu.h
    13. David's fix (to wxPython) for wxWidgets v2.7.0 wxGetFreeMemory change
      • wxPython/src/_functions.i
    14. David's fix for wxPython treelistcntl compilation problems (improper "long" casts)
      • wxPython/contrib/gizmos/wxCode/src/treelistcntl.cpp
    15. Jed and David's fixes for wxMSW toolbar "tool icon gray box" problem
      • src/msw/tbar95.cpp
    16. David's fix for wxMSW memory leak in wxToolbar::CreateDisabledImageList
      • src/msw/tbar95.cpp
    17. David's fix for lack of wxMac wxClipboard support for custom clipboard data flavors
      • src/mac/carbon/clipbrd.cpp
    18. David's fix for wxPython v2.7 wxWindow changes
      • wxPython/src/_window.i
    19. David's fix of compilation problem from SF patch 1205869
      • src/textctrl.cpp
    20. David's wxWindowGTK::dtor bug fix
      • src/gtk/window.cpp
    21. Arel and David's additions to support CoreGraphics stroke/fill patterns
      • src/mac/carbon/dccg.cpp
    22. David's wxMac toolbar "overflow menu handler" bug fix
      • src/mac/carbon/toolbar.cpp
    23. Arel's wxMac text control DoSelectAll bug fix
      • src/mac/carbon/textctrl.cpp
    24. David's derivation of Stefan Csomor's wxMac native toolbar implementation
      • src/mac/carbon/toolbar.cpp, include/wx/mac/carbon/toolbar.h
    25. David's wxMac text control bug fix, context menu addition
      • src/mac/carbon/textctrl.cpp, include/wx/mac/carbon/textctrl.h
    26. John and David's wxSystemSettingsNative changes to remove 2 calls to deprecated LMGetHiliteRGB
      • src/mac/carbon/settings.cpp
    27. John's wxImage color rotation support
      • src/generic/image.cpp, include/wx/image.h, docs/latex/wx/image.tex

  • new classes (submission plans TBD)
    • for each class
      • modified build files for new class inclusion:
        • makefile.in, build/msw/wx.sln, build/bakefiles/files.bkl, wxPython/setup.py
      • wxPythonDemo additions

    • David's wxColumnHeader class and demo
    • Jed's wxMinical class
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