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Working with Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Ltd

Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Ltd SponsorshipHere at the Chandler Project we work with a myriad of companies who provide sponsorships and contributions. As an open source project, we do not have direct funding and therefore rely on these donations from businesses and individuals. To show our appreciation, we take the time to write a short piece about each contributing business/website so that you can see who helps this project develop, and to give them some exposure in return. In this article, we pay tribute to Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Ltd – a company dedicated to providing the best online casino information to UK players.

Providing the best online casino information for UK players

So what does Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Ltd do? They are a UK based team that has expert knowledge of the online gambling industry. They put this knowledge to good use to help UK customers find the best deals and offers for their hard-earned cash.

If you have any experience with online gambling, you will know that there is so much choice – it can feel overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of platforms to choose from and as a new player it can be difficult to know which casinos are reputable.

Unfortunately, some platforms have shady practices and actively try and withhold cash or scam players. This is why the services of a company like Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Ltd are vital – so that players can make sound choices and only play at licensed, worthwhile casinos. We spoke to the team members in detail about what they do, and we have written a little more info below:

Expert reviews

We learned a little about their creative process – the team actively analyses different UK casinos and looks at their features. Some platforms simply read other reviews and piece together vague snippets of info – the result is a watered-down review with not much beneficial info

Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Ltd does much more than this – they register on the casinos and test the different aspects like games, payment methods, customer support, and bonuses. This ensures that they give you accurate information. We like this approach and we like to see a company that actually values their customer base and their experience.

Advice on the best UK online casino bonuses

We also took time to understand what type of content this company reviews. They predominantly deal with UK online casinos and their bonuses.

Bonuses and promotions are offered to new customers as a way of enticing them to a casino. But not all promotions are equal – you can get things like free spins and deposit bonuses for example. Furthermore, most casinos have strict terms and conditions for the promotions that you should understand.

Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Ltd provides easy to digest info on the different promotions available – we feel their work is fantastic and that they genuinely help UK players have a better online gambling experience. Customer satisfaction and usability is something we also believe in.

Supporting the Chandler Project and Its development

Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Ltd has given support to the Chandler Project for several years. It sponsors the project’s development and gives a generous annual contribution of €250.000. Without such donations, we would not be able to continue work and develop the software further.

This company sponsors a myriad of software development projects like the Chandler Project and uses the profit and funding it makes to further such causes. We would like to thank Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Ltd for its continued support – it is greatly appreciated, and we hope our relationship will continue to develop!