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Web Work Queue

Wiki Proposals

1.0.x Bugs

11846 P3 NEW Auto-triage events from other calendar apps/services randy@osafoundation.org
12277 P3 ASSIGNED Google and Apple don't inherit to modifications jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12291 P3 ASSIGNED Hub won't save changes to anytime event in ticketed calendar randy@osafoundation.org
12375 P3 RESOLVED Google and Apple don't inherit to modifications randy@osafoundation.org
12383 P3 RESOLVED Tweaks to Notifications Email randy@osafoundation.org

Notifications Support on Server

6195 P1 NEW Allow for the existence of a default timezone travis@osafoundation.org
11877 P3 NEW Email notification widget randy@osafoundation.org
11963 P3 RESOLVED define model for event log randy@osafoundation.org
11964 P3 RESOLVED define model for item change records randy@osafoundation.org
11965 P3 RESOLVED define and implement DAO/Service for event log randy@osafoundation.org
11966 P3 RESOLVED implement event log aspect randy@osafoundation.org
11967 P3 NEW define job scheduler interfaces randy@osafoundation.org
11968 P3 RESOLVED Add query support for User Preferences randy@osafoundation.org
11969 P3 NEW implement 'changed' query for notifications randy@osafoundation.org
11970 P3 RESOLVED implement 'range' query for notifications randy@osafoundation.org
12051 P3 NEW UI for setting up Notifications jeffrey@osafoundation.org

Quick Entry Gateway

11873 P3 NEW Gateway quick entry widget - Email channel jared@wordzoo.com
11874 P3 NEW Gateway quick entry widget - Jabber channel jared@wordzoo.com
11875 P3 NEW Gateway quick entry widget - SMS channel jared@wordzoo.com


Data Integrity Issues

12086 P1 NEW List view recurrence changes repopulate incorrectly travis@osafoundation.org
12122 P1 NEW Move to entirely dojo.data backed ui. travis@osafoundation.org

Quick Entry Widget in More Contexts

11867 P3 NEW iPhone quick entry widget travis@osafoundation.org
11868 P3 NEW OSX Dashboard quick item entry widget travis@osafoundation.org
11869 P3 NEW Vista quick entry widget travis@osafoundation.org
11870 P3 NEW Yahoo quick entry widget travis@osafoundation.org

Detail View Widget

11856 P3 NEW Editable detail view widget travis@osafoundation.org

Notifications Widget

11857 P3 NEW Notifications web widget travis@osafoundation.org

Data onto Hub via Email/SMS/IM

11871 P3 NEW Gateway quick entry widget travis@osafoundation.org
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