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CalDAV Collection

In the web interface to Chandler Server:
  • click the disclosure triangle for a collection
  • choose CalDAV
  • copy the address of the collection
  • close the CalDAV address dialogue
  • in the left hand column, click Done.

CalDAV Account

To subscribe to a Chandler Server account using CalDAV you will need a URL called the user principal. This URL is of the form


where the terms above are defined as follows:

Protocol used to access this account. Usually http:// or https://

Name of the server your account is hosted on. If you use Chandler Hub, this is hub.chandlerproject.org

The port to connect on. In many cases this is unneeded.

The path to the base of Chandler Server. If you access your calendar at http://my.server.com/chandler/pim the value of <path_to_chandler> is /chandler

The username of your account.
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