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We practice our own brand of user-centered, open design. Our process has grown out of trial and error and a cautious awareness of when open-ness to input and feedback veer into design by committee, an inability to innovate and take risks and decision-making gridlock.

One pillar of our open process is transparency. Everything we do is open to the community. Proposals are discussed on the design mailing list and documented on the wiki. Here you will find everything from user interviews to scenario and workflow analysis, storyboards and full-blown design proposals as well as discussions of the design process itself.

Chandler Desktop and the Hub Sharing Service

Product Definition

Vision Statement
Product, Plan and Process
Prioritizing Elements of the Vision

Design Process

Open Design Process
Process Description
Approach to Design

Design Research

Preview Target User Group
Chandler Dogfood Feedback

User Feedback

Top Usability Issues

Product Design

Collections, Sidebar and Navigation

Items, Stamping and Communications

Triage, Dashboard and Clusters

Scheduling and Calendar

Sharing and Collaboration


Preferences, Et Cetera

Branding Project

In development...

Standalone Chandler Server

Preview Target User for Chandler Server: Chandler Hub Sharing Service Administrator

Usage Scenarios for GData/Atom

Chandler Server Dogfood Feedback

Design Proposals



Future Server Target Users

Extending Chandler Desktop

See: Collections, Sidebar and Navigation

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