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Planning Wiki

Planning begins with target users, target usage scenarios and organizational goals. From there, we formulate tenets to guide everything from high-level workflow and feature decisions to triaging bugs. In here, you will find workflow and feature specifications, bug triage and timetables, which are continuously refined through the release cycle as we iterate on design proposals and bug triage with Engineering.

Collection of tasks

We're tracking non-coding project tasks in the Chandler Project collection: https://hub.chandlerproject.org/pim/collection/f9fe3636-c489-11dc-dba3-f100459c9336?ticket=37960wr571 (You can also subscribe to this collection in Chandler Desktop by going to the Share menu, selecting "Subscribe..." and pasting the URL into the 'URL:' box)

Plan of record

Since our Preview release in fall 2007, we have received a wide variety of feedback from users. We have identified 3 areas to target.

  • Clarify Chandler's intended use, both in the product messaging and in the product itself.
  • Make Chandler more viral.
  • Support workflows that help new users ramp up to daily usage.


We will continue to ship new versions of the desktop and the server on a monthly basis. Work on all products can be tracked in the following work queues. New items will be added to the queues on an ongoing basis and we will identify some major milestones, such as 1.0, to declare along the way.

The desktop work queue can be found at...

All the server and web client work is tracked at...

We will continue to add to these queues with the highest priority items to be worked on. These queues extend beyond any particular release as well as a 1.0 milestone. All work is tracked in bugzilla and as a new version is released, any fixed items will be assigned to a target milestone so we can keep track of what fixes are in a particular release.

Planning related materials

There have been a number of blog posts and wiki pages that provide some background information on our plan or record as well as design decisions. I have included some of the links below.

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