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Using Other Applications with Chandler Hub

Step One: Sign up for a Chandler Hub Account.

Apple iCal 2.x and 3.x

Apple iCal 2.x (Mac OS X 10.4 - Tiger) only supports view-only sharing and syncing of Calendars.

Apple iCal 3.x (Mac OS X 10.5 - Leopard) supports view-and-edit publishing and syncing of your personal Calendars. However, it only supports view-only subscribing to other people's shared calendars.

Publish from Apple iCal 3.x

Currently, you can not publish calendars from Apple iCal 3.x to Chandler Hub without first creating one on Chandler Hub and then syncing it into Apple iCal . Once you've done that, you can publish new calendars from Apple iCal (although you will have to ignore a pretty scary looking error that happily doesn't actually prevent you from publishing.) See Jeffrey's blog post for more detailed instructions.

  1. Log in to Chandler Hub.
  2. Create your calendars.
  3. From Apple iCal 3.x, go to the Accounts tab under iCal>>Preferences...
  4. Fill in your Chandler Hub user name and password.
  5. Click on Server Settings and enter your Chandler Hub Account URL: https://hub.chandlerproject.org/dav/users/your_Chandler_user_name
  • Note iCal 3.x will sync all the collections you've published or created on Chandler Hub. (Collections you've subscribed to will _not be synced.)_
  • Warning Deleting collections from your Chandler Hub account using iCal will cause problems in Apple iCal 3.x.

Publish from Apple iCal 2.x

  1. From Apple iCal, select the Calendar you would like to publish and go to Calendar>>Publish...
  2. Select Private Server from the Publish on: pulldown.
  3. In the Base URL: field, enter https://hub.chandlerproject.org/dav/your_Chandler_user_name
  4. Log in with your Chandler Hub account information.
  5. Click [Publish]

Note Calendars you publish to Chandler Hub from Apple iCal 2.x will not show up in your account. However, they are stored on the server as an .ics file and can be access via the Account Browser. (To turn on access to the Account Browser go to the Settings dialog on Chandler Hub and click on the Advanced tab.)

Subscribe to Other People's Calendars

See instructions.

Apple iPhone OS

Chandler Quick Entry

ChandlerQE for iPhone is an open source application for the iPhone that lets you enter notes through the application into your collections on Chandler Hub.






Chandler Quick Entry

ChandlerQE for Android is an open source application for the Android platform that lets you enter notes through the application into your collections on Chandler Hub.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

The green iCal… buttons in Chandler Hub are primarily intended for iCalendar publication (from the Hub, to clients such as Apple iCal 2) using webcal. These publications are one way, read-only.

Links from the iCal… buttons are recognised by Outlook 2007.

Mozilla Lightning/Sunbird

See Using Mozilla Lightning or Sunbird with Chandler Server.


Evolution is a personal information manager for GNOME/Linux.

As of November 2007 there are known issues with Evolution integration. As a result, subscribing to Chandler Server with Evolution is unsupported. If you would like to help debug these problems, you may use the below instructions to point Evolution at Chandler Server.


If you receive a Chandler Hub sharing URL:

  1. Click on it to preview it in a web browser.
  2. Click on [CalDAV] under Subscribe in the left-hand sidebar and copy the URL you are given.

  1. In Evolution, go to File>>New>>Calendar
  2. Select CalDAV from the Type pulldown.
  3. Name your Calendar. (This name will not be shared with others.)
  4. Paste the CalDAV URL in the Location: field.
  5. Change http to caldav
  6. Select Use SSL to encrypt your data.
  7. Log in with your Chandler Hub account information
  8. Click [Okay]
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