The “Gallery” team uses Chandler to “get the big picture in one place”

November 10th, 2008 by Mimi Yin

Chris Kelly recently blogged about his use of Chandler. He uses it for personal to-dos and reference notes and collaborates with a team of 5 people on software development for Gallery.

Here are some choice quotes:

On personal use:

On August 8, Chandler 1.0 was announced and I decided to give it a shot. First I just used it for my personal tasks related to Gallery, which I stored in Chandler Hub, but in less than a week I realized how powerful of a tool Chandler really was…I stopped using my paid Remember The Milk account and Google Calendar, and over the next few days moved everything into Chandler.

On collaborating with others:

…it’s taken a little bit of effort to get everyone using it the same way but the results have been an even bigger deal here…Chandler is a very low overhead way for developers to keep track of what they are doing in such a way that anyone can easily get the big picture in one place. Chandler has gotten rid of the need for weekly status reports to our mailing list…Everyone knows who is responsible for things and I can finally spend a lot less time harassing people…This frees up a lot of time so that developers can get back to developing and our meetings are back to lively discussion and decision making instead of boring project overhead.

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5 Responses to “The “Gallery” team uses Chandler to “get the big picture in one place””

  1. Simone Jones Says:

    Indeed, Chandler is an excellent “things to do list manager”, like American Express I don’t leave home without it :)

    Best, Simone jones

  2. susan Says:

    I have been using chandler hub for about three months and love it to bits. i don’t have an iphone so i am using the desktop version (which hooooray runs on my mac) but i synch it with my gmail account which means i can get to if from my office computer. A colleague of mine has suggested that i look at Evernote as it has better integration features (I find the calendar integration real real slow on chandler). Any thoughts on Chadler hub vs Evernote?

  3. Greg Says:

    What is the Chandler project doing at present anyone know of the latest updates or if this is still active?

  4. M. Nelson Says:

    I started using Chandler about a month ago. I am very pleased with the ease of use and flow. It did take some time moving things over and getting everyone on the same page but in the long run has absolutely been worth it. No more hunting people down to make sure their getting their part done. Love it!

  5. forex Says:

    I got interested in the Chandler project after reading Dreaming in Code and is looking forward to using it. Your first hand review is a real help….I like especially the part about keeping track of the team; it is a big problem with my set up as well. Hope Chandler delivers as it promises.