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Simplified Dashboard for Preview Cosmo

Columns (5)

  • Stamping status: Task versus Non-Task
  • Edited by
  • Title
  • Starts on
  • Triage status: Now, Later Done

What's Missing

  • Communications status column
  • Distinction between items that have been 'Edited / Updated / Sent / Received' in the Communications status column
  • Single smart 'Who' column is replaced by 2 dumb columns, one for From, the other for To
  • Ability to see 'Created by / Edited by / Updated by' in the Who column
  • Reminder / Calendar column
  • Complex 'important date' calculations for Date column
  • No in-line editing, stamping, or triaging in the table
  • No sorting except for the Triage status column

Functionality in the Detail view

  • Triage, Stamp, and make edits from the Detail view
  • Send notification via email, formerly known as Email this item
  • Byline displays:
    • Created by xxx on xxx
    • Edited by xxx on xxx
    • Sent by xxx on xxx
    • Updated by xxx on xxx
    • Turns into an editable field when Chandler Hub user makes an edit: Edited by {Chandler Hub user}

  • Opening and Closing Stamping Sections
    • Only Addressing and Calendar stamps have exandable sections
    • Sections start out closed
    • Stamping an item opens that stamping section
    • Un-stamping an item closes that stamping section
    • Additionally, users can use the Show/Hide link to open and close sections

  • What's missing
  • Alarm field

Selection, Sorting and the Detail View

Now that we have a table view in Cosmo, we need to worry about things like 'What happens if the user commits a change to an attribute that affects the sort order and moves the selected item off the page the user is viewing?"

Persist in selecting that item and displaying it in the detail view, even though it is no longer on the page the user is on.

This is analogous to the way event-selection persists even as the user navigates from week to week on the calendar. It also means that if the user wasn't done editing the item, they can do so without having to hunt it down in the list, which may be all but impossible.

Functionality in the Dashboard table

  • Invert text color when row is selected
  • Resizable column widths
  • Automatically resize column widths so that the horizontal scrollbar never appears
  • Properly formatted date column for event start date and event start time
  • Scrolling
  • Pagination
  • Auto-triaging and Recurrence:
    • See BrianMoseleyCosmoDashboardNotes
    • See http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/design/2007-June/007353.html
    • See http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/design/2007-June/007354.html
  • Nice to have: Ellipsing text that doesn't fit in a column

New Functionality in the Chrome

  • View selector
  • Pagination
  • Quick item entry field for Dashboard
  • Additional time zone work as been deferred: http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/design/2007-June/007352.html

Known issues

  • Subscribing for the first time to non-Chandler shares will be slow because the client has to triage all the items. However, once one person has subscribed to the share, subsequent visits to the share will be speedier.
  • No conflict resolution
  • Chandler Hub / Server users have no choice about what attributes they share / don't share. All Hub / Server users share Triage Status and Event status and don't share Alarms, Needs reply status and the BCC: field.

Meeting Notes 20070206

We reviewed the wiki spec for Dashboard at: http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Journal/StrawpersonProposalForSimplifiedCosmoDashboard

The biggest areas of concern are around the complex behaviors we have in Chandler for auto-triaging of items and displaying recurring events in the Dashboard.

The $852 question is: How closely does the Cosmo Dashboard need to follow the behaviors in the Chandler Dashboard?

The $2432 question is: Do we need to have a Dashboard in Cosmo for Preview? In other words, what are the tenets for Cosmo Preview?

  • Ted expressed concern over schedule, but was also worried about coming out with 'just another web calendar.'
  • Bobby wondered if answering this question would actually have any impact on the work that was done.
  • Mimi responded that there weren't really any big 'feature' additions for Calendar scheduled for Preview (Timezones and Styleguides are the only 2). So as long as we make sure that we keep the Calendar usable for the Casual Collaborator, any Dashboard work we get done is gravy and can be presented as Experimentally Usable or as a Plausible Promise for a usable Dashboard, post-Preview


Bobby and Travis start a conversation on the Cosmo list about infrastructure work that's needed to support Stamping, Triage and the Dashboard.


Find a time with the Cosmo team to discuss Cosmo tenets. Perhaps at the next weekly Cosmo meeting?


1. Flesh out phasing scenarios for Auto-triaging behavior in Cosmo
  • No auto-triaging in Cosmo, but provide a ways to ignore Cosmo TS settings in Chandler and have Chandler shoulder the burden of auto-triaging.
  • Auto-triaging items based on alarm and event date/time information being added to an item
  • Auto-triaging items as time passes

2. Alert Chandler developers re: Cosmo workflow issues that may require cooperation on the Chandler end.

3. Do another pass at the styleguide, incorporating new UI elements introduced by the Dashboard and Matthew's CSS tricks for lightening the number of images we need to download.


  • What to do about auto-triaging in Cosmo
  • How do we display Recurring events in the Dashboard? Just display the Master?

-- MimiYin - 02 Nov 2006

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