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Starter Projects

This page contains list of small, self-contained, projects with clear deliverables which would make good projects for someone looking to get involved with Chandler.
  • If you "sign up" for a project, please assign the bug to yourself in Bugzilla.
  • If you want to add a project, you should file a bug in bugzilla and add the keyword "starterproject" to the bug. It's probably also a good idea to post the request to one of the mailing lists.

Chandler Desktop List

5459 ASSIGNED More alarm snooze options jeffrey@osafoundation.org
8172 NEW Print Triage List andre_mueninghoff@fastmail.fm
9647 NEW Display # of search results for all collections grant@osafoundation.org
10109 NEW UI to take you to an item from the reminder dialog pbossut@osafoundation.org
11321 NEW Customize Application Bar pbossut@osafoundation.org
11339 ASSIGNED Add 'Resource/Document App Area' grant@osafoundation.org
11563 NEW Provide visual feedback that a collection has new/unread items grant@osafoundation.org
11843 NEW Download flagged emails (IMAP) capps@osafoundation.org
12211 NEW More commands for the quick entry field mimi@osafoundation.org
12257 NEW Labels for what kind of date is displayed in Date column jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12263 ASSIGNED Improve documentation mimi@osafoundation.org
12272 NEW Preferences for setting date/time formats and calendar view jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12347 ASSIGNED Copy and Paste Items out of Chandler jeffrey@osafoundation.org

Chandler Server List

5584 NEW UI for importing .ics calendar files randy@osafoundation.org
6191 NEW Printing web page from the browser (for all views) travis@osafoundation.org
11567 NEW cosmo should support custom authentication schemes randy@osafoundation.org
11867 NEW iPhone quick entry widget travis@osafoundation.org
11868 NEW OSX Dashboard quick item entry widget travis@osafoundation.org
11869 NEW Vista quick entry widget travis@osafoundation.org
11870 NEW Yahoo quick entry widget travis@osafoundation.org
12041 ASSIGNED Cannot import .ics files created by Cosmo into Outlook 2003 randy@osafoundation.org
12051 NEW UI for setting up Notifications jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12264 NEW Improve documentation mimi@osafoundation.org

Internationalization/Localization Project

Chandler Desktop 0.7.3 has been i18n-ize and is ready for localization. Current localizations include Finnish, French, Swedish, and German.

if you are interested by localization in one language (preferably if you're a native speaker of said language), , log a bug in Bugzilla and set the component field to "I18N/L10N" and the keyword field to "starterproject". Those bugs will show up in the table here under automatically. If you feel too uneasy doing one or the other, you can always contact BrianKirsch .

Others who have have volunteered to localize:

  • Spanish ServilioAfrePuentes

12426 jeffrey@osafoundation.org Localization Project: Chinese(??) translation

The most up-to-date doc on how to localize Chandler can be found on the Localization Project page.

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