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A brief history of Chandler's development


The Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF) was formed.


Repository framework decisions were based upon vision, requirements and constraints. For the persistence layer, Berkeley DB and DBXML were chosen (Mitch Kapor reflects).


The Foundation moved from a small staff with a very general vision to a large staff working on specific features that resembled the final Chandler 1.0 product. Parallel work began on Cosmo, also known as Chandler Server.


Chandler Preview provided a solid front end for sharing data with Chandler Hub — an instance of Chandler Server provided by OSAF and hosted by the Internet Systems Consortium. Issues identified with the architecture of Chandler 1 prompted work on a rearchitecture pilot project, which became the basis for Chandler 2.


Significant bugs identified during the preview were addressed by the 1.0 release of Chandler Desktop. Usability of Chandler Server was improved.


Work towards Chandler 2 was complemented by priority fixes to Chandler 1. Improvements to Chandler Server include compatibility with more advanced CalDAV clients.


Chandler 2 aims to address key issues with Chandler 1:
  • simplified code — reduce the learning curve
  • easier and more thorough testing
  • greater performance — in particular, reduced load times and backup-at-quit times for users with large data sets.
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