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Scheduling and Calendaring

This section covers calendaring scenarios including scheduling, invitations and day-to-day management.

Related Journal notes and historical Archive

MimiYinNotes: For write-ups and notes organized by time. Search for pages tagged with [Calendar] [Scheduling] [Invitations]

PriscillaChungNotes: For product design issues specific to Chandler Hub

ProductDesignArchive: The sections labelled 'Calendar' under 'Capplets: Workflow proposals organized by Application areas' has early workflow sketches. You can also find visual layout proposals under 'Component Specs'.

Usage Patterns and User Analysis

Chandler Desktop: DotSevenTargetCalendarUser

Scheduling and Invitations

See SharingCollaboration for sharing calendars
See ItemsStampingCommunications for scheduling individual events

Product Analaysis

Hub: GoogleCalendarFeatures
Hub: WhatsBlockingConsultativeUsageOfCosmo

Preview Planning

On the list: Preview Time zones Proposal

Minical and Preview Pane - 0.7 Spec

Half-baked Post-Preview Proposals


Fish-eye calendar: ScoobyUIProposal
Graphing calendar data and Free-busy view: CalendarSpec
Natural Language Parsing: DateTimeProposal

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