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Repository Working Group Home Page

This page is the nexus for all the pages that discuss the repository in Chandler — how it's represented, how it's accessed, and how various Chandler elements discover repository changes.

Project Goals

We want Chandler to be good at handling both structured and un-structured data. Chandler's data handling framework should be:
  • less rigid than (say) a relational database
  • allow the user to add more structure than is possible with a spreadsheet or a word processor.

The data framework will:

  • need to handle both structured and un-structured data
  • have to meet the needs of both parcel programmers and end-users.


  • AndiVajda -- persistence framework, data model
  • TedLeung -- queries, data model

Unscheduled tasks section

  • Backup/restore
  • Import/export framework
  • Remote browsing
  • Replication
  • Parcel loader rewrite for performance
  • Schema evolution
  • Access control

Issues List

  • Rationalize copy/delete policy (including clouds)
    • apps wants to be able to delete items
  • Improve repository notifications
  • re-kinding support
  • multi kinded items
  • schema evolution
  • undo support (nested transactions?)
  • copy/delete semantics
  • pinning API
  • queries
    • date/time representation
    • access methods
  • performance



  • RepositoryUnitTests
  • RepositoryBlog - Andi's principal mode of communicating about the repository
    • Versioning 27 Oct 2004
    • Ref Collection indices 27 Oct 2004
    • Item hook methods 27 Oct 2004
    • Dynamic Kind changes 27 Oct 2004
    • Item Clouds 26 Oct 2004
    • Ref Collection aliases 26 Oct 2004
  • Core Data Model (epydoc-generated docs)
  • Content Model Schema (autogenerated)

Meeting Notes

Historical interest

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