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Refining the Quarter Final Logos

Page in progress

Expanding on the quarter final work.

The team felt that there needed to be more work on the 3rd and 4th runner up, the petroglyph and abstract (grass blades).

Notes from Mimi: Solicitation for feedback on 6 concepts

Next steps: The members of the Logo Group: Jake, Priscilla, Sean, Trevor and I will respond with our own answers to the 5 questions. We will be meeting this week to whittle down the 6 concepts to a Final 3. We will then proceed to apply visual treatments to the Final 3 and will be requiring your assistance again for another round of feedback.


Starfish conjured up the most brand associations, 24 with Adaptability as the strongest association. Dolphin came in second with 19, followed closely by Pinwheel, 17 and then Orange, 13. Petroglyph and Abstraction had 7 and 2, respectively.

POSITIVE VERSUS NEGATIVE Pinwheel had unequivocally positive associations, particularly around productivity because of their similarity to windmills. The only minus was that people felt like they had seen the logo elsewhere, although interestingly, no one could remember exactly where.

The Orange was also viewed in an unequivocally positive light. Pro-social and Organized were the two strongest branding associations, both derived from the 'compartmentalized' nature of oranges, making them at once orderly entities that are share-able.

People had both positive and negative associations with Starfish. Positive ones were related to the Brand concepts (Adaptability, Collaboration, Ability to juggle many things at once) or happy memories of snorkeling. Negative associations had to do with a fear of unknown, cold, slimy sea animals. Starfish are not slimy themselves, but they co-habitate with slimy creatures: squid, jellyfish, and seaweed. Starfish have been used a lot in family-oriented software, in particular parental content controls for online browsing.

Apparently, Dolphins are just the poster-child for everything good in the world. The Dolphin had the most even distribution across the brand concepts. Everyone had good things to say about dolphins. The only minus, which was repeated 5 times in the specific and 1 time in the general is that it is used elsewhere, in particular, by MySQL?.

Petroglyph had generally positive associations. On the whole, it seemed that responses were less effusive, the connection between the petrogyph and the brand concepts were perhaps less obvious. This may have had to do with the word 'Petroglyph' itself, which admittedly is not particularly 'Chandler-like' since it refers to pre-historic fossils. It seemed to distract many people from respoding to the specific rendering of the petroglyph: a single person mysteriously connected to some greater entity via a...umbilical cord?

The Abstraction was downright opaque for most. Although we did get some color imaginings out of some. This is the nature of many abstract of logos, they oftentimes don't stand up well in monochrome with no visual treatment to elucidate their meaning. I may also have screwed things up a bit because I tweaked the original design (apologies).

BRANDING VERSUS OTHER ASSOCIATIONS Starfish had the most definitive relationship to the brand concepts with Dolphin, Orange and Pinwheel teetering in after. Dolphin suffered from the MySQL? association.

Variation visual work on Petroglyph

  • Tried changing around the contours a bit, and put in a shiny bubble.

  • In the style of a petroglyph–I wanted to bring the dog element back into the picture. B/W. I might try and do one w/ a bone. -Priss

Looking a little scary right now, need to refine that...but this treatment looks like a face, looks like an @-sign, and has a figure inside of a Chandler-C.

Variation visual work on Abstract

  • Grass variations- SA

  • color variations- the left has more grey and is more 'earthy' while the right is purer colors

  • Grass B/W. I was thinking of adding the triage colors and may play wit the type some more.- Priss

  • cleaned up grass w/ proper triage colors:

Keeping with Priss' pop-art idea.

Another pass at the 'holding a bunch of stuff under your arm' idea.

Variation visual work on Pinwheel

  • Shiny, metallic pinwheel to combat the flimsy and cheap association.

Simple Pinwheel

  • Simpler, more abstract pinwheel. I like how it looks like a paper collage. - JM

"Klingon" Pinwheel

  • While trying different things I came up with this. It's a bit too harsh in this version, but I thought the general idea was an interesting direction. - JM

"Klingon" Pinwheel, black and white

Variation visual work on Starfish

Giving character to the starfish

  • I added eyes to give some character into the starfish. Heh. -Priss

  • I think I like this one more because you only see the eyes & eyebrows. He's a bit more 3-dimentional and there can be a lot more exploration here to make it 3-D like.-Priss

Tried out the 'faceted' texture on the starfish.

I am having a tough time trying to come up with new revs of the abstract, so I guess I'm going more abstract on the other concepts, just to see how they look. Nothing in this denotes starfish, per se, but perhaps some something to denote the little "pocks" would work.

Glossy starfish,

Week of Feb 28-Mar 7 2007

Color variations- the left has more grey and is more 'earthy' while the right is purer colors

Tried emphasizing the C in the circle and connecting it to H-A-N-D-L-E-R made it look even more like a magnifying glass smile

Petroglyph based on Chinese character for person.

3 renderings of the Steel Pinwheel

A riff on the bubbles interpretation of the starfish, while keeping an organic overall shape. This will be a lot of work to reduce down, but I think it's within the realm of possibility. Also hearkens back to the constellation idea.


MimiYin 20070308 I've been working on trying to make the steel pinwheel and glass starfish more dynamic and find myself getting stuck. I thought more about the OS X Dock icons being slightly askew, in particular: Apple Mail, iTunes, Text Edit, iPhoto, iCal and noticed a pattern: they're all 'square or rectangular' icons! As in, they are all icons where the dominant shape is defined by 90 degree angles. The one exception is iTunes, but I think the tilt of the CD has to do with a need to set the 8th notes in 'relief' so that they pop off the CD rather than getting swallowed by the CD background.

Anyhoo, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about why in particular it is important for the Pinwheel and Starfish to be more dynamic.

The Apple logo is very static. The Nike logo is dead-on and level. So is the peace sign, the NBC peacock, the Target logo, etc.

Isn't the spiral construction of the pinwheel mechanism and the the radiating structure of the starfish dynamic enough?

My difficulty is that these 2 shapes are already irregular. They aren't perfect circles or squares and rectangles. They aren't even trapezoids or parallelograms. Adding on a layer of skew, distortion or perspective looks over the top to me. But perhaps I'm just not using my imagination enough. I'm looking forward to Jake's sketches, but I have to admit I'm a bit blocked right now.

I don't doubt that these two renderings are not quite right and need to be refined, but I'm not sure if 'more dynamic' or my understanding of 'more dynamic' is the right direction.

March 7-14th

MimiYin 20070309 I think I'm honestly stumped on how to move forward with the starfish. Here is the source file if anyone else wants to give it a try: http://svn.osafoundation.org/docs/trunk/graphics/mimiTempBackup/ (Starfish.psd) I tried distorting the starfish and it just looked over the top to me.

The changes are subtle, but I hope they are a step in the right direction smile I pulled in the fins of the pinwheel and made them slightly different. I also 'softened' the texture a bit to make them more plastic and less metallic. The overall shape is closer to Jake's Klingon pinwhell. (I also added a 3% translucent pattern on the backside of the pinwheel, can you tell? wink

I desktopified this grass logo so that the different versions would be more in-line with each other.

Starfish variation

When connecting to a server, I noticed (again) for the first time that the current server icon on the Mac has some similar constellation ideas. In this case the creator of the icon was probably thinking about the web of network, the idea of one computer connecting to another–though to me it started to look like stars and the constellations idea early on. Just a thought about how to interpret it. So in my 'starfish supernova' I had the same idea where 'stars' in the sky, similar to the constellations idea within the sphere (clearly there is no direct correlation to starfish but just the star shape). -Priss

This is a work in progress so 'starfish supernova' so I'm going to continue to work on shaping it. One comment was that as it shrinks down, you loose all the star/bubble like qualities and it just ends up as an 'orange circle' on your windows/mac doc. -Priss

  • current server icon on mac:

  • starfish supernova:

Still stumped on the starfish. My man-friend suggested I try peeling up one of the legs, but boy is that hard. I did pump up the gloss factor even more though and now it looks less flat.

  • March 14th, 2007 - I basically took Mimi's suggestion of creating an outline of a dog from the forward facing petroglyph, similar to Black Dog Bakery. I took it a step further and added a 'C' and created colors so that it would pop on the desktop. Overall, I would mind seeing a 'dog' represented as one of the final pieces since it's so much of the 'culture' here at OSAF. I realize this a far stretch from the petroglyph idea–so just evaluate it as a mix of some of the ideas already presented. -Priss

  • dog BW sketch:

  • dog BW and color refinements:

  • Original Dog w/ the C: dog refined logo and variations on desktops :

  • Just saw this the other day; they are on site technicians: http://www.firedog.com

Starfish constellation on a Sun. We can replace the All App area icon with this as well.

I think I like this better than the pinwheel or the grass. There's something really distinctive about it. It's definitely not something you see all-the-time. I'd like to keep iterating on the line art though, make it rounder, it's a bit oval right now. I do like the lasso inference though.

I think this one is too busy and as a result doesn't read well even at 36x36.

This one reads better.

March 14-21

Black dog looks too much like the MV Black Dog Bakery that I like so much wink I think I've been trying to place the Chandler logo somewhere between Mini/Apple and VW Bug/Yahoo. VW Bug/Yahoo feels 'too young' or 'too cute' for Chandler's Helen the Hub target user. Minis and Apple computers are fun, (it's not Mercedes or IBM), but still a little on the conservative side? I think this is why I've been leaning towards more 'static' or 'literal' renderings that are organic and have slight irregularities, but are nevertheless, understated.

  • Starfish on Steroids - Continuing minor tweaks * Puffy starfish

Examples of 'star' like icons on the mac dock

Our discussion went into a slightly different direction and realized there are other 'star (fish)' like logos/icons out there. Not that we expected to be the first out there on the market, but part of design due diligence is to just be aware of what's already out there. Here are some examples.

  • Adobe Go Live logo:

This is kind of what I meant with the shadow forming the 'c' it's really rough

Grass witht the c variations

  • grass3b.png:

  • grass-winxp.png:

March 26-30

Here is another version of the starfish supernova w/ the star popping out of the bubble. Unfortunately as it render down it starts to look like an orange. -Priss

  • starfish supernova outie:

Based on Pieter's suggestion about incorporating some of Chandler's UI elements into the logo. I realize this is a far departure from what we started with but I though I would give it whirl. It's probably also something you've seen in a log of calendaring application desktop icons. -Priss

  • checkmark:

Tried to create a C-character glyph that didn't have to sit on a circle or "jewel" necessarily. Was going for the parallels logo look. -TP

  • C-character.png:

Meeting Notes: March 27, 2007

We evaluated new logo treatments:
  • http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Projects/RefiningQuarterFinalLogos#MarchThirty
  • http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Projects/RefiningQuarterFinalLogos#MarchFourteenth

We decided the following:

Grass logo is maybe better for OSAF

  • Abstract nature of it better suits the Foundation
  • Doesn't have to hold up on the desktop
  • Then we could just have the circle to represent the O. The circle * C is too busy.

Starfish Supernova

  • Doesn't scale down well enough
  • Will continue to iterate on the idea of a starfish on a rock, but don't need to block on that for now. Will only pursue this direction if Mitch chooses the starfish logo.


  • Too generic. Too many PIMs have this kind of a logo
  • Triage is probably the more unique UI element to use as a logo, if we're going to go that route. Task and Calendar are ubiquitous for PIMs.

We're going to go ahead with the 2 Dog treatments * Trevor's background-less Figure (nee Petroglyph). We think ultimately we will probably go with some treatment of the dog, the starfish and the figure. As a group, there doesn't seem to be a clear winner, there are pluses and minuses to all 3 concepts:


  • + Warm and friendly, people have positive, emotional reactions to dogs
  • + Dogs are hard-working and smart. They serve their human masters and also herd animals, allusion to Helen the Hub, hearding the small workgroup.
  • + Dogs are uncommon in software logos.
  • - However dogs are ubiquitous everywhere else: Dogs in movies, on t-shirts, cartoon characters, mascots as well as logos: Sit, Ubu, sit. Black Dog Bakery, RCA dog, Greyhound Bus.
  • - Dog shape is not 'iconic'.

  • We think we want a dog treatment that is less perky and cute than Priss's leaping dog and more abstract than Mimi's leaning dog. Perhaps a dog that is clearly more of a working dog breed and less of a lap dog breed like Mimi's labrador retriever, but in more of a perky, leaping stance.


  • + Hub and spokes association
  • + Distributed management
  • + Flexible
  • + Iconic, star shape has positive associations, yet at the same time concrete, potential to be a mascot.
  • + More rare, don't see starfish around very much
  • - Not sure if people will get all these associations right away, we'd have to work to build the mythology around it. People's reactions to dogs on the other hand will be more immediate, intuitive.
  • - Current treatment isn't very dynamic, but we can iterate on this.


  • + Probably the most literal in it's connection Chandler * A person connect to a larger world.
  • + Cool, new treatment of an old concept: the person
  • - Maybe the person is just too cliche, overused in desktop software
  • - Still hard to verbalize, describe. How do you describe the Chandler figure in a way that is distinct from the Messenger or AIM person?

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