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Chandler Profile Directory


On installation, Chandler creates a profile directory in which Chandler's database ("repository") and other instance- or user-specific information is stored.

The name of the directory is of the form <something>.default where <something> is a random 8 character alphanumeric string.

The exact location of the directory varies depending on the operating system--see Default Location of the Profile Directory.

If the following files exist, they are normally stored in the profile directory:

  • randpool.dat
  • chandler.log and commit.log
  • chandler.prefs (the default location)

The permissions for the profile directory are set so that the current user has all rights and no one else has any rights.

Multiple Databases

To run Chandler with multiple / different databases, run multiple instances of Chandler each against its own database.

Do this by specifying the location of the profile directory for each instance when starting it.

See Overriding the Default Profile Location for means to specify an alternate profile directory.


Files in the profile directory remain intact after an uninstall.

Viewing the Chandler Log

You can view the chandler.log file conveniently from Chandler itself by selecting Tools > Logging > Log window... from the menus.

Default Location of the Profile Directory

Note: I am not sure of the format for the [<version if 0.7.2 or earlier>/] part of the path, but, in an effort to be --hmm, what would the word be--decisive? I show the format as, for example, /072/. When I (or someone else) knows better, the format can be modified. There is even a chance that the format varies by operating system. If you know for sure how it should be for one operating system, but not all, fix the one you know for sure.

in Linux

/home/<username>/.chandler/[<version if 0.7.2 or earlier>/]<something>.default




in Mac OS X

/home/<username>/Library/Application Support/Open Source Applications Foundation/Chandler/[version if 0.7.2 or earlier/]<something>.default/


/home/john_doe/Library/Application Support/Open Source Applications Foundation/Chandler/rIQwZD4x.default/

/home/john_doe/Library/Application Support/Open Source Applications Foundation/Chandler/072/rIQwZD4x.default/

in Windows

C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataOpen Source Applications FoundationChandler[<version if 0.7.2 or earlier>]<something>.default

Examples (on Windows XP):

C:Documents and SettingsJohn DoeApplication DataOpen Source Applications FoundationChandleruIQwZD4O.default

C:Documents and SettingsJohn DoeApplication DataOpen Source Applications FoundationChandler72uIQwZD4O.default

Overriding the Default Profile Location

An alternate profile directory can be specified using either of two command line options or an environment variable:

  • --profileDir=/<path>/<to>/.../<profile_directory>[.<extension>]
  • -P /<path>/<to>/..../<profile_directory>[.<extension>]
  • PROFILEDIR (set it like above using means appropriate to your operating system / shell)
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