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Product Design Archive

Status Consolidating all UI documents onto this page.


  • [USc] User Scenario
  • [Structure] Structure
  • [WF] Workflow
  • [IntD] Interaction Design
  • [InfD] Information Design
  • [VD] Visual design
  • [OI] Open issue

Chandler paradigm shift

  • Users work with content first, technology second (if at all)
  • Break down technology-imposed separations
  • Nuanced, flexible relationships between content items
  • Data as knowledge
  • David Allen and Getting Things Done



Anatomy of a Chandler content item

Anatomy of a Chandler collection

  • Jungle.Relationships Early inventory of relationship types

Usage Scenarios

Based on David Allen's _Getting Things Done_



  • GenericView which eventually became...
  • TriageDesign Coarse-grain information management
  • ProcessingVFiling (Why do we need a Dashboard view?)
  • GrandUnifiedTheoryOfBasicCapplets (Centralizing data into a single universal In and Outbox)
  • PPFInformationDesign (Dashboard was formerly known as Past Present Future PPF)
  • PPF
  • ProcessingItems
  • NaturalWorkflowDesign
  • OutlookOrganizingAffordances


Lightweight organizing

Anatomy of an item: Item to Item relationships

  • [Structure] Introduction to concepts
  • Structure
  • Order to chaos App-centric v. Attribute-centric

  • [USc] User scenarios
  • Immutability issue scenarios
  • Polymorphability workflow scenarios

  • [WF] Proposals
  • Projects.StampingWorkflow and Collections workflows
  • Detailed view Proposal for detailed view of a stamped item-pair
  • Design issues meeting for 01262004 Design decisions about stamping and collections that came out of meeting with Mitch
  • Stamping Workflow

  • Issues we haven't gotten to
  • [OI] [Structure] Adding and managing groups of ad-hoc attributes

Anatomy of a group of items: Item to collection relationships

  • [Structure] Introduction to concepts Early ideas
  • Clustered view
  • Projects versus Thrasks What is the difference between a Collection and a Project?
  • Item collections Mitch's thoughts on collections

  • [WF] Proposed workflows
  • Creating Clusters
  • Navigating Clusters

  • Summary documents
  • Summary as of 11052003
  • Summary as of 11172003
  • Summary as of 11242003

Heavyweight organizing

Anatomy of views: 3-D Navigation and Query/Views

  • [Structure] Introduction to concepts: What is a view? Views as Locations versus Views as Queries
  • Inventory of view types
  • Views versus Filters Should views behave like locations or queries?
  • Standards for what should and shouldn't be a View
  • Filtering scenarios

  • [Structure] Introduction to concepts: How should views interact with each other?
  • Structure Go to bottom of this page
  • [Blue sky] Visually mapping orthogonal buckets
  • Base UI interaction issues?

Retrieve and Review


  • Read
  • Write
  • Update
  • Converse about


  • Manage attributes
  • Manage collections
  • Manage sharing
  • Manage privacy and security
  • Synchronization

Capplets: Workflow proposals organized by Application areas



  • [Structure] Virtual folders and Calendars What's the different between a Project of calendar items and a predefined "Calendar"?
  • [WF] Calendar workflows
  • [WF] Showing Task times in free blocks


  • [Structure] Modelling Users and Groups
  • [Use cases] Contacts use cases

3rd party capplets: Extensibility and Chandler as a Platform

  • [Structure] 3rd party capplet integration issues

Workflows by Functional Areas



Component Specs

  • WxWindows on Mac Things it doesn't do well


Deferred Designs

Deferred Structure Designs

Deferred Workflow Designs

Rejected Design Proposals

  • EmailDeemphasized


Design Process

  • Process
  • Vision
  • [Res] Research
  • [USc] User profiles and Use Cases
  • [Structure] Structure
  • [WF] Natural workflow design
    • OutlookOrganizingAffordances An task workflow tree analysis
  • [LoU] Levels of Use
  • [InfD] Information design
  • [IntD] Interaction design
  • [VD] Visual design

  • Approach
  • Big ideas
  • Metaphors and affordances

  • Design abbreviations
  • Little ideas
  • Journal ideas

-- MimiYin - 28 Jul 2004

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