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Recurrence and...

For context: 0.6 Recurrence Spec

Edit Dialogs

Recurrence Edit Dialogs pop-up in the following cases:
  • When editing the item, which includes
    • Edits made in the Triage Table columns: Task, Communication Status, Who, Title, Reminder, Date, Triage status
    • Nice to have: Can we make it so that simply selecting an item to 'Read' it doesn't affect the lastModifiedBy attribute? lastModifiedBy only changes if the user explicitly marks an item as 'Read' after it has already been marked as 'Unread' or 'Needs reply'
    • Edits made in the Detail view of the item:
      • Markup bar: Triage status, Stamping buttons, Never share status;
      • Addressing fields: From, To, CC, BCC, Send as / Edited by
      • Note kind attributes: Title, Alarms, Notes;
      • Event kind attributes: Location, All-dayness, Start date/time, End date/time, Time zone, Event status, Recurrence rule, Recurrence end-date
  • Duplicating, Cutting, Copying and Pasting the recurring event series
  • Adding the recurring event series to another collection via Drag and Drop, App menus, Context menus, Keyboard shortcuts
  • Moving the recurring event series to another collection via Drag and Drop, App menus, Context menus, Keyboard shortcuts
  • Removing the recurring event series from a collection App menus, Context menus, Keyboard shortcuts
  • Deleting the recurring event series from a collection via Drag and Drop to the Trash collection, App menus, Context menus, Keyboard shortcuts
The pop-up is described in the 0.6 Recurrence spec: http://svn.osafoundation.org/docs/trunk/docs/specs/rel0_6/Reccurence-0.6.html

"Title of selected occurrence" is a recurring event. Do you want to change/remove/delete:
[Cancel] ...BIG SPACE... [All events] ...SPACE... [Future events] [Just this event]

  • I'm now wondering, in addition to change/remove/delete, do we also need: duplicate/cut/copy/paste/add/move? bug 8647
  • [All future events] option should be [This and future events]: bug 8648
  • Don't use the word 'stamp' in 'Recurring event change' dialog: bug 8649

Notion of an Edit Session

  • Define an edit session so you're not bugged by the edit dialog popping up all the time: bug 6624

Stamping and Email: See Stamping and Email Specs

  • http://svn.osafoundation.org/docs/trunk/docs/specs/rel0_7/Stamping-0.7.html
  • http://svn.osafoundation.org/docs/trunk/docs/specs/rel0_7/Email-0.7.html

Addressing fields

  • Addressing Stamp applies to whole series: bug 7548
  • Dealing with inconsistency in available options between edits to the Addressing fields and edits to the rest of a recurring event: bug 8525
Read/Unread/Needs reply status
  • Triage status and Read/Unread/Needs reply status can be applied to All Events, This and Future Events or Just This Event. bug 6700

Edit /Update

  • Edits and Updates should can be applied to All Events, This and Future Events or Just This Event. bug#8899


  • Users should be able to stamp/unstamp recurring events to Add/Remove [All events], [Future events] or [Just this event] from the Task list. bug 7661


  • Users should be able to stamp/unstamp recurring events to Add/Remove [All events], [Future events] or [Just this event] from the Calendar. bug 7446

Display in the Triage Table and Triage status: See Dashboard Spec

  • Ability to triage all, this and future and individual occurrences: bug 6700
  • Correctly displaying recurring event series in the Dashboard, aka pruning: bug 7904
  • Triage status and receiving an Update on a shared recurring event: bug 8424

EIM representation

  • Question Are there any issues in particular that we should be testing?: bug 7499

Sharing and Conflicts: Please see NoDataLossProposal

  • Conflicts on master events should display alert icons next to all affected occurrences in the Dashboard: bug 8616
  • Conflicts on "This and Future" modifications will most likely result in duplicate events.

Funkiness as a result of Chandler Server UI handling Recurrence differently

  • Question What are some potential issues?

Master event versus 1st occurrence

  • We never display the Master event in Chandler
  • If there is a conflict on the Master event, we display an Alert icon next to every instance of the event in the Dashboard: bug 8616
  • Nice to have: We should not display an Alert icon next to modified instances where the conflict on the Master event doesn't apply to these instances.

Breaking a recurring series in two

  • Editing a single instance in a series no longer 'detaches' it from the series. Global changes continue to apply to modified instances.
  • Making a this and future change to the recurrence rule in the middle of a series breaks it in two: bug 8056

Tracking modifications on a per-attribute basis

  • Global changes don't apply to modified occurrences, if the global change happens to be on the very attribute that was modified in the modified occurrence: bug 8222

Modifications to the recurrence rule that delete existing occurrences

  • Disable the [All events] and [Future events] options when moving a single occurrence of a recurring event to a different day. bug 8478
    • MimiYin Shoot, I don't know how this behavior will be resolved. I described it one way, but it looks like it's behaving differently in Chandler Desktop. Need to follow-up with Jeffrey and/or Grant.
  • Don't change Recurrence End Date when moving first occurrence.
  • Clear out Recurrence End Date if first occurrence in series is moved out beyond the End Date. bug 8371
  • What happens when you enter an invalid recurrence end date?: bug 8073

Adding / moving to another collection

  • Generally speaking, you can only add/move an entire recurring event series from one collection to another. The only exception is that you can move all, this and future or just a single occurrence to the trash via Drag and Drop. bug 4516

Duplicate/Cut/Copy/Paste (in both the Triage Table and Calendar)

  • Duplicate/Cut/Copy/Paste Proposal (Much of this has been deferred.)
  • Duplicate, Cut and Paste should be treated like any other edit: Duplicate [All events] [Future events] [Just this event]
  • Copy in the same calendar should create a custom recurrence.
  • bug 8605

Custom Recurrence Rules

Displaying imported custom rules: bug 8354
  • Importing and Export events with custom recurrenc rules
  • Subscribing to events with custom recurrence rules. Q: Will this work?

Editing custom recurrence rules:

  • Warn users when changing custom rules: bug 3710
  • Support more rules: bug 8087
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