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  • Item Chandler has four kinds of items: Note, Message, Task and Event. Chandler items can be of multiple kinds, e.g. Scheduled Tasks and Invitations.
  • Collection Chandler's primary mechanism for grouping items. Collections can contain items of any kind.
  • Application Area Chandler has four application areas: Mail, Tasks, Calendar and an all-inclusive All area. Chandler's application areas are a way to filter down your collections by item kind.
  • Triage Status An attribute on every item that is Chandler's principal mechanism for helping you manage what you're working on. The three triage statuses are NOW, LATER and DONE.
  • Tickler Alarm A custom alarm you can set on any item to automatically triage that item to NOW at a time you specify.

Nav.png Navigate by Collection, Application Area and every combination in between with Chandler's 2-Dimensional Sidebar

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Smorgasbord.png Fill up Collections with Notes, Messages, Tasks and Events with the smart Quick Entry bar

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Stamping.png Schedule a Task on your Calendar and Invite Helpers without having to Copy and Paste the same information between your Calendar, Task List and Email

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Triage.png Keep track of half-finished todos with Triage Status and Tickler Alarms

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Hub.png Share with others from the Desktop to the Browser through Chandler Hub

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