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Product Management, Program Management and Design (PPD) Home Page

The Product Management, Program Management and Design Group is responsible for defining the Chandler product, building the product roadmap, conducting user research, driving our open Product Design process, prioritizing and planning feature implementation and managing the release schedule for both the Chandler Desktop and Chandler Hub products. For more information on the PPD Team, see below: PPD Process and Artifacts

Weekly PPD Meeting Notes

The PPD Team meets Mondays from 2:30-3:30PM PST. Regular attendees are Sheila, Priscilla, Mimi and sometimes Katie.

  • July 2007: 2, 9
  • June 2007: 4, 25
  • May 2007: 14
  • April 2007: 9, 23
  • March 2007: 5, 12, 28
  • Feb 2007: 12, 21, 26
  • January 2007: 8, 24


Active Documents

  • Desktop Dashboard
  • Desktop Edit/Update
  • Desktop Email

PPD Process and Artifacts

Artifacts we produce fall roughly into 4 categories:

Product and Program Management / Planning
  • Owner: Product Roadmap Document
  • Drive feature planning process
  • Drive spec-writing process
  • Mediate design, engineering and organizational needs and concerns
  • Drive feature and bug prioritization


  • Owner: Design Overview Document
  • Translate product goals into design goals: target users and scenarios.
  • Conduct user interviews, design research, and brainstorming sessions.
  • Define use cases and workflows to generate storyboards and mock-ups.
  • Define visual design and branding styleguide.
  • Help plan releases and prioritize features/bugs around user workflows.

Release Management

  • Define release candidate criteria
  • Track release schedule
  • Coordinate

Communications PPD is responsible for communicating Design and Planning goals as well as giving regular status reports to both internal staff and external audiences. Our presentations strive to:

  • Provide context around organizational goals and approach
  • Identify and call out risks
  • Keep everyone up-to-date on status
  • Evangelize the design

Open Design Process

The PPD practices a home-brewed version of open source design. Truth be told, we are inventing it as we go. Our goal is to reap the benefits of many minds working towards a common goal, yet we are cognizant of the dangers of devolving into design-by-committee. We rely heavily on moderated list collaboration, in-person design sessions, documentation and engaging actively and openly with our users to tease out use cases and workflow from feedback and feature requests. To read more about our evolving process, see:

-- MimiYin - 03 Apr 2007

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