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Life Cycle of a Patch

We'd like this to be something similar to http://www.mozilla.org/hacking/life-cycle.html

So, you have made a change to your copy of Chandler code and would like it to be integrated with the official Chandler from OSAF? Cool. You are in the right place. While it is not absolutely necessary to follow these guidelines, following these will improve the chances that your patch will be integrated in good time.

  • First, make sure you follow the ChandlerCodingStyleGuidelines.
  • If you added new files, svn add them before proceeding to the next step
  • If you need to remove files, svn rm them
  • If you need to rename/move files, svn mv them
  • Make an svn patch: svn diff. If you need more context than 3 lines around your change, do this instead: svn diff --diff-cmd diff --extensions '-u8'. Notice that diff may take different arguments on different platforms, for example on Mac OS X you might need to change '-u8' to '-U 8' to get 8 lines of context.
  • Create a bug if there is not one already
  • Attach your patch to the bug
  • Request a review for your patch:
    • In the bug, click the "Edit" attachment link.
    • From the "review" drop-down list select "?".
    • In the "Requestee" edit box type the email address of the person you want to review your change.
    • Add comments describing your patch, and hit Submit.

Within a couple of days you should receive bugzilla email from your reviewer who either granted a review or denied it, and added some comments. If it was denied, fix the issues and repeat with new patch.

Once the patch has succesfully been reviewed, you should ask someone with checkin privileges to check it in. It would be easiest to ask the reviewer to do this.

The patch should be checked in with a checkin comment that describes who submitted the patch and who reviewed it.

Observer the checkin rules on Tinderbox!


If you don't receive a response within reasonable time frame, try sending direct email to your reviewer. If that does not help, send an email to dev asking if someone could review your patch.

Same goes for checkin.

Need more info about patches and diffs? How to make a patch, patch(1) man page

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