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OSAF WikiWeb Structure

The OSAF public wikis are subdivided to make finding pages easier. Each of the sub-wikis -- called WikiWebs -- can be searched independently, has a slightly different look to it, has a separate RSS feed, etc. Here is what type of pages are in each of the WikiWebs:

  • Projects - maintained pages relative to any current OSAF project: If you don't know which WikiWeb you want, you probably want the Project WikiWeb. We want the Project WikiWeb to closely approximate the current reality of the OSAF work going on. As a rough rule of thumb, pages should only live on the Projects WikiWeb if they have an owner who is involved with the project who is committed to keeping the page up-to-date.
  • Documentation - this is where we are starting to try to keep documentation with potentially wide readership, and that should be kept up to date. This includes not only end-user documentation for Chandler but also administrator documentation for Cosmo and even documentation for parcel developers (but not documentation for people contributing directly to one of our projects).
  • Journal - limited-interest pages, event-related pages, and historical-interest pages: The Journal WikiWeb has information that is true at a specific point in time, but which might not continue to be true. This includes announcements, meeting notes, status reports, release notes, personal journal pages, historic project pages that don't quite belong in Trash etc.

Other Wiki areas include Trash (move a page to Trash to delete it and it will no longer show up in searches but still exist), Jungle (will be moved to Journal), Main (which holds user pages) and Sandbox (for wiki testing).

There is a table of all the different operations (e.g. search) you can do on WikiWebs independently.

-- LisaDusseault - 09 Jul 2005

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