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Olson-convert is a single script that will convert on date/time/timezone into any other timezone using the olson timezone database. Supports input ics file and will output valid ics with VTIMEZONEs changed.


Olson-convert is located here;


  • Usage

$ python olson-convert.py --help Usage: olson-convert.py [options]

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --print-valid     Print all valid timezones
  -f FROM_TZ, --from-tz=FROM_TZ
                        The source timezone, defualts to UTC
                        Input file mode, converts all timezones in input
                        iCalendar file to specified timezone
  -s, --no-dst          Specify when local times should _not_ be in DST
                        (Daylight Savings Time)
                        Output file, used during input filemode. Name of file
                        you wish to write converted iCalendar file, if not
                        specified file is written to stdout
  -z TO_TZ, --to-tz=TO_TZ
                        The time to convert the date and time to
  -u DATETIME, --datetime=DATETIME
                        The date and time you wish to convert. Example:
  -l FULL_DATETIME, --full-datetime=FULL_DATETIME
                        The date and time and timezone you wish to convert.
                        Example: US/Pacific:20050224T104500
  -t TIME, --time=TIME  The time you wish to convert. Example: 104500
  -d DATE, --date=DATE  The date you wish to convert. Example: 20050224
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