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Preview list of components for web site/documentation

  • This is a running list of the information we think we need for all projects. The Chandler and Cosmo info is simply a list of what's on the current landing pages. Next steps include prioritization and figuring out how to consolidate this to present the product to users.


  • Release timeline
  • Link to download the app
  • Screenshots - link
  • Demos - link see VideoHostTests to compare using YouTube for screencasts vs. our server
  • What is Chandler?
  • Link to release notes
  • Vision
  • Philosophy
  • Planning
  • Gettng involved
  • Blog
  • Mailing lists
  • IRC chat
  • FAQ
  • Give us feedback
  • For developers
  • About OSAF


  • What is Cosmo
  • License agreement
  • Release notes
  • Download link
  • Installation details
  • Client setup details
  • Getting involved
  • Cosmo blog
  • Mailing lists
  • IRC chat
  • FAQ
  • For developers
  • Planning
  • About OSAF

Hosted Service (taken from Jared's list)

Must have components

  • Homepage
  • Terms of service. Privacy policy.
  • Email address for support
  • Getting additional help
  • Signup
  • Log in
  • Free signup and usage
  • Usage docs
    • List of clients supported
    • "How to configure client X" docs
  • Favicon (ICO format for IE6 support)

Nice to have components

  • Template synced/identical with other landing areas
  • Short-domain URLs (www redirects to base domain) for main web presence
  • Separate "status of service" site (chandler.info)
  • Blog (with Atom feed)
  • Wiki
  • Forum
  • Ticket web UI
  • Copy: relationship to OSAF
  • Copy: relationship to Cosmo
  • Copy: relationship to Chandler desktop

End-user web presence content list grouped by 'User Goals'

The table below is an attempt to organize the myriad links from our various web presences by user goals. This is NOT the proposal for how the information should be layed out.

Open Issues

  • Jared, what is the difference between Sign up and Free sign up and usage?
  • Can we consolidate some of the how-to stuff into the FAQ? e.g. Client setup, etc.

User Goal Additional info Re-org
What is Chandler? Chandler Screenshots
Chandler Demos
What is Chandler?
What is HS?   What is the Sharing Service?
What is Cosmo Copy: relationship to OSAF
Copy: relationship to Cosmo
Copy: relationship to Chandler desktop
What is SNARF?
    What is Chandler Platform?
Design Overview    
Chandler Planning   Takes you to Planning Wiki Area
Cosmo Planning    
Download Chandler    
HS Log in    
HS Sign up    
HS Free sign up and usage   Jared? What is the difference between this and Sign up?
Download SNARF    
Chandler FAQ*   Consolidated Chandler end-user area for both Chandler and the Sharing Service
Chandler end-user documentation    
Chandler release notes    
HS Usage docs    
HS List of clients supported    
HS How to configure client X docs    
Cosmo FAQ   Consolidated SNARF user area
Cosmo client setup    
Cosmo release notes    
HELP!   Consolidated Help area for the Sharing Service
Email address for support    
Support ticket web UI    
Separate "status of service" site (chandler.info)    
Getting additional help    
Chandler blog   For all projects:
General audience blog
Developer blog
Cosmo blog    
HS blog    
Mailing lists    
IRC Chat    
Give us feedback    
Chandler Get involved   Consolidated Get involved area
Cosmo Get involved    
Chandler For developers   Consolidated For developers area
Cosmo For developers    
Cosmo License agreement   Consolidated legal stuff area
HS Terms of Service - Privacy policy    
About OSAF    

Rough mock-up

Goals / Requirements

  • Create an integrated web presence for all the products and all the projects.
  • Emphasis of landing page should be on the end-user products: This, we agreed in our Branding/Countdown Release meeting would be comprised of: Chandler Desktop and the Free Service.
  • Although de-emphasized relative to the end-user products, we still want even end-users and especially developers to be aware of SNARF and Chandler Platform.
  • Provide an area for 'Emergency messaging' to avoid the problems we had with 0.6.

  • Accomplish this with minimal changes to our current template.

Open issues

  • Product names
  • Elevator pitch
  • Copy for Desktop app, Service, SNARF and Chandler Platform.
  • Screenshots and Demos.
  • Final color palette, visual treatment, logos and icons will change as visual branding effort wraps up.
  • Content of the SNARF and Chandler Platform areas

  • Preview_landing_page.png:

Integrated Landing and Wiki Pages, Pass Two

After reviewing the issues people brought up with Priscilla and Sheila, I did another quick pass at the landing page and the wiki with the following in mind:

1. Unify look and feel across Landing Page, Wiki and Cosmo UI so that all 3 clearly belong to the same family. (What about the OSAF website?) This meant unifying the sidebars on the landing page and the wiki. This involves:

  • Removing the following links from the wiki sidebar: Chandler, Cosmo, Dev projects and Dev docs. They will be redistributed across Product, Planning, Engineering and Teams in the new wiki taxonomy.
  • Mailing lists, IRC, Help us and Reporting bugs stay as they apply to both landing page and
  • Adding links to VISION, OVERVIEW and ROADMAP to the wiki sidebar. (I'm renaming Philosophy to Overview and replacing Planning with Roadmap. I'm thinking that Planning is a bit of an overkill for the landing page, and there is already a Planning wiki area in the wiki, so perhaps we don't need it in the sidebar?)
  • Removing WebSVN?, Tinderbox, Bonsai and LXR from the wiki sidebar. These links can live in the 'For developers' area? However, if people feel strongly about having easy-access links to these tools in the sidebar, we can easily create a 'Tools' section that is separate from the main sidebar.
  • Renaming Bugzilla to 'Log bugs' and adding that to the landing page sidebar.
  • Add Licenses and About OSAF to the wiki sidebar.
  • Anchor Wiki Changes and XML to the bottom of the sidebar, so it's separate from the rest of the links.

2. Apply a low-profile look and feel so that we have wriggle room post-Preview to work out and implement our brand styleguide.

3. Clearly tie OSAF as a Foundation to Chandler Project on both the landing page and the wiki.

Other things that were addressed:

  • On the landing page: Downloads area now has a link to "More" in case users want to view the entire panoply of download options, as per Heikki's suggestion.

  • On the landing page: SNARF has been changed to Chandler Server Bundle

  • On the wiki: I refashioned the Projects and Journal wiki areas into Product | Planning | Engineering | Teams | Notes.

  • On the wiki: I cleared out the top-right toolbar and whittled it down to just : Edit | Attach | Help. I wasn't sure how useful WYSIWYG and Printable were to people. I think WYSIWYG is a bit abstruse for non-techies and it's confusing to offer 2 modes of editing. It also seemed like that putting Help next to Edit and Attach was the best thing to do since users are likely to run into questions about how wikis work while they're trying to make the wiki work for them. (Help used to be in the sidebar and felt out of place there because most of the sidebar stuff is specific to Chandler Project.)

Caveat: These are not the FINAL designs. Priscilla and I will continue to iterate on the look and feel, but this is a best guess at the right direction.

Integrated Landing Page and Wiki Redesign

For background on design approach:

Proposal for Preview

Past Proposals

Integrating the Landing Page and Wiki

Priscilla’s comments + variations to the header:

  • I was having some difficulty reading the OSAFoundation as OSAF + Foundation so I just used the full name. Here are some variations I did to the header–it should be consistent from the landing page to the wiki.
  • I was looking at http://mozilla.com and the division between organization and product was very distinct. So I tried to mimic that on the landing page. Please note the screenshots are old from the existing Chandler screenshots and the thing I'd like to see is better direction after we figure out the naming–but to have the 'Chandler desktop' screenshot, now click here to go there & 'Chandler Hub' (or whatever we call it) screenshot and click here to go there.
  • The last comp is just an alternate where I had combined the Chandler Project name w/ OSAF full name. All these comps were started before I read Sheila’s e-mail note: The name "Open Source Applications Foundation" should be on it's own line/space - it looks a bit jarring pairing it with "Chandler Project".

Revision to the landing page header:

Revision to the wiki page header:

Alternate revision to the header-Chandler Prj and OSAF combined:

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