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Needed Windmill Tests

  • Manipulating recurring event instances on the calendar canvas out of the order in which they were created
      • We have weak coverage manipulating recurrence instances that aren't in the same week as the master
      • Example: Create a monthly recurring event, manipulate via the dv/drag drop, as many properties as possible 6,7,9 months from the master
  • Ticket View, write vs read only tickets
      • Create a read only ticket, verify that you can't manipulate it via any of the normal UI methods
      • Create a read write ticket, verify that you can manipulate it as expected
  • At time event manipulation
  • All day event recurrence manipulation
  • Removing multiple items from dashboard view, validating paging
  • Admin interface, root admin account.. (needs lots.. removing collections, events, etc)
  • Modifying status (tentative etc) on recurrence across multiple weeks
  • Windmill tests to verify password recovery works (this one could take some trickery)
  • Manipulating the size of the all day events canvas
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