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With a client and server both supporting standard protocols, and a WebUI to support standard formats, we need to eventually do interoperability testing and track which products we've done this with.

A test status of "--" means that we haven't yet tested interoperability with that product. A date indicates the last time interoperability was tested.

Chandler Interoperability

Chandler IMAP support

IMAP Server Test Status
Courier IMAP Since we host imap.osafoundation.org on this as well as Bear's test server, interop testing here is nearly constant.
Exchange... --

WebDAV? support"> Chandler WebDAV support

WebDAV Server Test Status
Cosmo This should be constant but probably isn't yet?
Slide (see SlideInstallation) last tested Summer 2005?
mod_dav Spring 2005?

Chandler iCalendar support (import and export)

iCalendar application Test Status
iCal Summer 05: Testing with 0.6 checkpoints

Cosmo Interoperability

WebDAV? support"> Cosmo WebDAV support

WebDAV client Test Status
Chandler Summer 2005 -- version 0.6
sitecopy --
Xythos WFC --
Mac WebDAV-FS --
Windows XP Connector --
Windows NT Network Places --

CalDAV? support"> Cosmo CalDAV support

Note: we plan to participate in a September CalDAV Interop event (see www.calconnect.org).

CalDAV Client Test Status
Chandler No CalDAV support yet
ISAMET Mulberry --
open source Mulberry 4.0.8 X (reports)
Mozilla Sunbird/Thunderbird --
Oracle calendar client --

Scooby Interoperability

iCalendar import/export


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