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Internationalization Project

The Internationalization (I18N) of the Chandler PIM is a long process that will require a variety of changes to the current architecture. This processed will be staged through out the release cycle and will continue beyond Chandler 1.0.

The 1.0 release will feature the infrastructure for Internationalization. It will ship with an example localization of the application in Spanish. In addition, an example tutorial on 'How to localize your parcel' will also ship with the developer version and will contain a sample translation in Spanish.

The infrastructure provided by the Chandler for 1.0 will include:

  • The ability to localize the graphical user interface including menu label strings, dialog and windows title strings, tool tip strings, status text.
  • The ability to localize media include images, icons, sound, and HTML.
  • The ability to localize and customize style information such as font type, font size, background and foreground colors.
  • The ability to localize example content.
  • Software tools to ease the translation process.

Chandler localizations are performed on a domain. A domain can apply to one parcel or many parcels. For example, all parcels that ship as part of the core Chandler Application Framework are in the "osaf" domain. A third party developer could define a single domain for his or her parcels. The name can be any unique ASCII string, for example "com.codebear".

Some aspects of Internationalization are beyond the scope of 1.0 including:

  • Alternate layout presentation for a given locale.
  • Spell check, auto complete, and search behavior appropriate for a localized market.
  • Locale specific word and sentence boundary recognition.

Community participation will play an import role in our I18N strategy. The OSAF team has neither the developer resources nor the linguistic expertise required to produce translations for the multitude of languages spoken across the globe. This is where we turn to our supporters to help provide translations. The team will be very responsive to the community and will work closely with localization developers. This includes making adjustments to the i18n road map based on the participation of the community. For example, if a volunteer was excited about alternate locale GUI presentation and wanted to contribute code to help make this goal a reality in Chandler 1.0, a member of the staff would take time to work with the person providing technical assistance.

Do you speak another language?
Are you interested in Internationalization?

We want to hear from you!

First read the DotSevenInternationalizationRoadmap then email team lead Brian Kirsch (bkirsch@osafoundation.org) .


  • BrianKirsch (lead engineer)
  • KenKrugler
  • MarkkuMielityinen

Current Plan

Older References

  • DisplayTextI18N
  • InputMethodI18N
  • InternationalizationAndLocalizationIssueSummary
  • InternationalizationIssues
  • http://www.sun.com/developers/gadc/des_dev/i18ntaxonomy/collation.html (sort order)
  • InternationalizingYourParcel (completely out of date)
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