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OSAF Hosted Service Operations Overview

The OSAF Hosted Service is the Chandler Project deployment of the Chandler Server: Chandler Hub.

We are currently focusing our efforts on the Hosted Service Preview Release.

Hosted Service bugs tracked against Bugzilla for Cosmo 0.6

Hosted Service bugs tracked against Bugzilla but not yet targeted for release

Hosted Service bugs tracked against Bugzilla targeted for Future

4795 P2 NEW add version negotiation to CMP randy@osafoundation.org
4964 P3 NEW quotas randy@osafoundation.org
5350 P3 NEW Enhancement request: Passwords via CMP randy@osafoundation.org
5662 P4 NEW Print key server config values in log on start randy@osafoundation.org
6264 P2 NEW network backup of user account randy@osafoundation.org
7046 P4 NEW Support "down for service" state for Cosmo randy@osafoundation.org
7055 P3 NEW Accounts can share email address randy@osafoundation.org
7226 P4 NEW Temp file leakage randy@osafoundation.org
7227 P5 NEW JMX HTTP/HTML adaptor in Snarf randy@osafoundation.org
7444 P4 ASSIGNED Direct navigation to users by first letter on /console/users travis@osafoundation.org
8227 P3 ASSIGNED Giving a bit of TLC to the admin console travis@osafoundation.org

Hosted Service bugs in Bugzilla for Chandler

12401 P3 NEW Google Calendar "Could not fetch the URL" jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12975 P3 NEW Error from mail server 'pop.secureserver.net' (GoDaddy?.com) jeffrey@osafoundation.org

Hosted Service bugs in Bugzilla for Hosted Service

Closed tickets

4041 P3 RESOLVED account activation via email confirmation travis@osafoundation.org
4869 P1 RESOLVED Two simultaneous PUTs: what to fail with randy@osafoundation.org
5164 P3 VERIFIED Creating new user the error message needs to be more clear when creating passwords travis@osafoundation.org
5165 P1 RESOLVED Creating new user: password verification travis@osafoundation.org
5661 P2 VERIFIED Need error page for failed logins travis@osafoundation.org
5896 P3 VERIFIED Cosmo allows user to set obvious bogus email address travis@osafoundation.org
6476 P3 RESOLVED Merging scooby-demo and cosmo-demo hartsook@osafoundation.org
6554 P2 RESOLVED Configure osaf.us production Cosmo instance jared@wordzoo.com
6555 P2 VERIFIED Update Cosmo Sharing Service info in Chandler accounts morgen@osafoundation.org
6871 P4 VERIFIED Jump to first field in create an account popup mde@osafoundation.org
7006 P3 VERIFIED Cosmo UI support for both HTTP and HTTPS at the same time travis@osafoundation.org
7026 P2 RESOLVED forbidden.jsp not served up for login travis@osafoundation.org
7043 P1 RESOLVED Support disabling access for a particular user travis@osafoundation.org
7044 P1 RESOLVED Cosmo Management Protocol (CMP) 0.4 proposal travis@osafoundation.org
7051 P2 VERIFIED Space usage info bcm@osafoundation.org
7068 P2 RESOLVED Apparent timeouts after server 500 errors heikki@osafoundation.org
7085 P3 RESOLVED Disable new signups feature travis@osafoundation.org
7169 P2 RESOLVED HTTP caching for Cosmo UI resources travis@osafoundation.org
7218 P3 VERIFIED need to consolidate redundant signup pages mde@osafoundation.org
7219 P2 VERIFIED ticket ids should be short and sweet randy@osafoundation.org
7224 P2 VERIFIED Platform in Chandler HTTP user-agent morgen@osafoundation.org
7225 P4 RESOLVED developer Trunk user-agent should be fully-formed bear@code-bear.com
7243 P3 RESOLVED Double login problem on osaf.us jared@wordzoo.com
7249 P3 VERIFIED Cosmo's handling of email addresses is case sensitive travis@osafoundation.org
7303 P3 RESOLVED HTTP logging filter travis@osafoundation.org
7361 P1 RESOLVED Can't log into osaf.us/cosmo in safari mde@osafoundation.org
7406 P1 RESOLVED New / stabilized URL schemas bcm@osafoundation.org
7433 P1 RESOLVED Compact/compile Cosmo Javascript bear@code-bear.com
7442 P2 RESOLVED Total user count on /console/users travis@osafoundation.org
7443 P2 RESOLVED Swap position of page navigation and page length widgets on /console/users travis@osafoundation.org
7445 P2 RESOLVED Larger range for user paging navigation travis@osafoundation.org
7516 P1 RESOLVED Timezone performance work br@osafoundation.org
7574 P2 RESOLVED handle CollectionLockedException? and ConcurrencyFailureException? in Home Collection Browser travis@osafoundation.org
7651 P2 VERIFIED New Language on Bundle Front page travis@osafoundation.org
7654 P3 VERIFIED Add "set" button to apply "users per page" choice. travis@osafoundation.org
7681 P2 RESOLVED Include authenticated user in access logs travis@osafoundation.org
7709 P1 VERIFIED "Forgot password" link travis@osafoundation.org
7961 P1 RESOLVED trouble restoring freebusy subcollection shares from a4 on lab.osaf.us randy@osafoundation.org
7997 P3 RESOLVED Publishing from iCal not working bcm@osafoundation.org
8070 P2 VERIFIED Search accounts in Admin Console for Users travis@osafoundation.org
8126 P3 RESOLVED Signing up for an account on migrated instance randy@osafoundation.org
8303 P1 RESOLVED subscribe to office calendar failed jared@wordzoo.com
8304 P1 RESOLVED contentLength mismatches are ocurring on osaf.us randy@osafoundation.org
8351 P3 RESOLVED Cosmo time out on Firefox 1.5 br@osafoundation.org
8461 P3 RESOLVED Events w/o end dates (with durations) mess up cosmo uo br@osafoundation.org
8544 P1 VERIFIED Metrics infrastructure travis@osafoundation.org
8545 P2 VERIFIED Security code review twl@osafoundation.org
8591 P1 VERIFIED Cosmo 0.7 admin feature superbug travis@osafoundation.org
9099 P1 VERIFIED Chandler user-agent on intel mac shows "linux" bear@code-bear.com
9145 P3 RESOLVED sharing URLs should display the collection name randy@osafoundation.org
9256 P1 RESOLVED 0.6.1 to 0.7 migration randy@osafoundation.org

Active work items

  • Hosted Service metrics planning?
  • Hosted Service team building: Work towards shared understanding of goals, issues, cooperation
    • Consider regular meetings
  • Email integration planning
    • Email function definition in conjunction with PPD group
      • Email feasibility thread on design: http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/design/2006-July/005020.html
      • Schedule time for stakeholders, PPD
    • Email operational notes
  • Operational scaling planning
    • Discuss scaling models and Cosmo specifics on mailing lists
    • Develop clear picture of Cosmo scaling architecture and its specific deployment to the Hosted Service
  • osaf.us production instance
    • Deploy new version of early Cosmo 0.5 as new production instance
    • Tracked via Bug#6554
    • Chandler changes need tracked via Bug#6555

Background work items

  • Cosmo scaling
    • Hibernate-based backend for Cosmo persistence
    • Service locater layer for partitioning backend data among multiple physical databases (lookup user, get database to use)
    • Stateless Cosmo to allow identical application servers
    • Clustering caching for objects (users, resources, calendars, events)
    • Clustering of session state (using Tomcat's built-in facilities)
  • File product requests
    • Chandler synchronization preferences more Mac style "frequently", "about every hour", "once a day"
    • Feature requests for monitoring/automation/qa/operations features for dev teams
    • Transaction logging for all Cosmo DAV methods, to demarcate when errors do occur
    • Need mechanism to turn on new signups
    • Need supported mechanism to overwrite homepage
    • Change Chandler default host to demo.osafoundation.org
  • OSAF blog post regarding the service [Katie]
  • Noodling on http://osaf.us/ prototype
  • Split roadmap diagrams off of wiki home page onto separate page HostedServiceOpsRoadmapDiagrams?
  • Capital expense roadmap: [invite-only access] Details on proposed capital expenses, ie servers
  • Interim branding
    • Should we A) stick with *-demo or B) switch to osaf.us temporarily and then switch again after brand finalization (end of 2006)?
    • Propose osaf.us temporary branding (replacing cosmo-demo.osafoundation.org)
      • Place new hostname into 0.7alpha5 account signups
      • Simple homepage with status of service, pointers to how to sign up
  • Release definitions for the Hosted Service:
  • Deployment planning (servers, network, diagrams, sizing)

On-deck work items

  • Quantitative scaling model development (inputs eg num users, usage patterns; outputs eg bandwidth consumption, disk space usage)
  • Branding (naming, hostnames, URLs) in conjunction with branding group
  • Definition of product management metrics
  • Definition of monitoring and automation work

Stalled work items

  • Cosmo large-calendar PROPFIND speed with Cosmo team (stalled on Cosmo Hibernate rearchitecture)
  • Cosmo MySQL?-based load-balancing research with Cosmo team (stalled on Cosmo Hibernate rearchitecture)
  • Bug #6264: CMP-based backups
  • Work breakdown structure, and Gannt visualization (implemented as TaskJuggler project file) [not very valuable to current work]

Completed work items

  • Presentation to OSAF staff on 2006-06-29
  • Purchase of administrative/test VM server for Hosted Service on 2006-07-28
  • OSAF bugzilla entry and configuration for Hosted Service [Katie] on 2006-07-26
  • State of the Service posted to service-dev on 2006-08-15
  • Sticky plan deprecated in favor of dynamic milestone map on 2006-08-22
  • osaf.us proposal for temporary branding until Beta branding ready passed on 2006-08-23

Project visual roadmaps

The following diagrams are explorations of major work items and phases related to building out a Hosted Service for OSAF.

Very high level roadmap

OpenOffice Draw format | PDF format

High level roadmap

OpenOffice Draw format | OpenOffice Draw format

Current plans of record

  • Don't think about hosting ads or placing ads until at 10K page views per day. (Resolution of "ads early or ads later" question is "ads later").
  • Hostnames of service will be osaf.us until something else is chosen.
  • We'll buy one big server for a production service box and one smaller server for an administrative/virtual-machines box (running xen).
  • KEI will be running the NOC (Network Operations Center).


Open issues

A separate page contains an overview of OSAF Hosted Service open issues.

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