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Search via Google

Google now indexes the OSAF wiki. While the Google search is pretty much guaranteed to be out of date, it might give you better results in some circumstances.


Other OSAF domains that you can search:
cvs.osafoundation.org (also see Bonsai)
All OSAF sites

To find things in a particular WikiWeb (e.g. Jungle), try adding the name of the WikiWeb to the search. For example, to find mentions of item clouds in the Journal, enter
        "item clouds" journal
This isn't perfect -- there might still be some Chandler or Jungle results -- but it will tend to put the Journal results higher.

Another option you may try is to use the inurl: (or allinurl:) advanced search operator. For example, enter

        "item clouds" inurl:journal
This will only return results with the word journal in their URL. Google doesn't allow the use of punctuation with these operators, so you can't limit it to a specific URL. However, this guarantees your results will have journal somewhere in the URL, which might be what you're looking for.

-- ElliotLee - 04 Jun 2006

If there is an enormous hue and cry for a better WikiWeb-based search, we can look into making a more advanced search, but that probably would require using the Google API.

-- DuckySherwood - 29 Jul 2004

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