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Ted: Result of Tuesday meeting with Lakiba; a bunch of people were interested in helping evangelize the product. What kind of ideas did people have, and what activities are they interested in?

  • Reid: blogposting/screencasts

  • John:
    • 1-3 short demos on web site to get people excited, maybe along the lines of ads to show what's cool about Chandler.
    • Simple "Getting Started" to help out first-time user experience.
    • Knows people who could help out with evangelism.

  • Philippe: Show to Chandler to people in his circle of friends ... Having demos handy would be helpful.

  • Jeffrey: * Various bloggers he would like to suggest "Try out Chandler" to. * People who do paper cut-outs of the UI (can't remember name ... they've been used by Goooooogle documents and Delicious), and do animations of the cut-outs. "Snazzy in an off-beat kind of a way". (www.commoncraft.com, it turns out). * Have us kick the tires of MetaWeb and vice-versa (à la recent meetings with FoxMarks); maybe there are other groups we could enlist for things like this.

  • Bobby: * Try to get bloggers to actually use Chandler rather than post without seriously trying it.

  • Mimi: * Meeting with KEI Creative to understand their project tracking/collaborative task management process, and how Chandler workflows could fit in. Some shared collections will be useful for this.

  • Mikeal: PyObjC to write notifier for Cosmo (Bear: could maybe use Windoze Growl — called Snarl — support).

  • Katie: Mimi had asked her: Is the users list too scary (technical)? Could we have a more friendly list (chandler-help), could we move conversations elsewhere? An email newsletter might be useful for not-too-technical users. Mimi: Wants a way to propagate the ways in which people are using Chandler, rather than design/product issues.

  • Ted:
    • Time is ready to contact the A-list bloggers from Soft Launch plan. e.g. Robert Scoble (Scoble Video Show).
    • From Ops: Conversations with evangelists (e.g. Kathy Sierra/Chris Messina/Mozilla FF Evangelists)
    • FaceBook group for Chandler
    • Twittering about Chandler
    • Icon badges for web pages/blogs/.sig files
    • Put videos up "everywhere" YouTube/blit.tv, even if quality isn't great.

Ted: The evangelism effort shouldn't be run in a centrally controlled way, since people have differing interests/ideas. Can use existing lists, planning on sending kick-off message.

Ted will make a public Chandler collection, so that people could see how we're using the system to manage our own evangelism projects.

Philippe: Conferences are an avenue. People could also speak to smaller groups.

Ted: Linux user groups/Python user groups.

Bobby: End-user focused groups rather than developers.

Jeffrey: No harm in targetting python groups, since we have had a major change in quality/features since last we talked to them.

Philippe: Introduce to people, have them report on their experiences with Chandler.

Ted: Success stories, so there are examples of who is using it, how, and following the people who are passionate about using it. (Getting away from the "If only it had X, I'd use it" potential users, since we can't satisfy all of them).

Ted: Does plan sound good?

Reid: Likes the common collection idea.

Ted: We are at the "All PR is good PR" phase, so tight management of evangelism isn't required. i.e. we have reached the end of soft launch & we have a gradual but increasing adoption.

Ted: Let's use the public [general] list.

Jeffrey: Use the [pr] list for uniquing the list of bloggers we contact.

Jeffrey: Show of hands for MetaWeb meeting?

(Many hands in room. One on phone)

Ted: That kind of meeting is a great way to capitalize on OSAF's location.

Bear: Should talk to folks at Citizen space.

Ted: Send him (Ted) questions ... He wants to facilitate, but people shouldn't feel bottlenecked at all. All PR is good PR.

-- GrantBaillie - 02 Oct 2007

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