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How Cosmo URIs Work

(ElliotLee - 26 Jun 2006)

I found out that Cosmo URIs are determined by the XML files in srcwebappWEB-INF. Namely, urlrewrite.xml, which tells us which servlets get what requests. I've also found that my sandbox version of Cosmo makes Tomcat hang when trying to get the Atom feed now. I guess I'll have to investigate what changes I made, since reverting back manually hasn't fixed it, although a new checkout has no problems. By the way, Summer of Code mid-term evaluations are sent out tomorrow. It's not really halfway yet, but closer to a third. Still, things aren't looking too good. I've sent emails to the OSAF admins and my mentor, but no reply yet. That could be a bad sign. Well, I'll just have to do the best I can. I just got a book on SQL so maybe I can get some background on storage engines from that. And I really need to figure out a way to progress in this project a bit more quickly.

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