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Welcome, developers! This page is designed to be your starting point for information about the Chandler project. Go to Cosmo Development Home as a starting point for information about the Cosmo project.

Table of Contents

Contributing to Chandler

Getting and building Chandler

Developing Code in Chandler

Testing Code

Chandler Architecture

Although the Documentation wiki has some technical information for developers writing parcels, there's more information available in the Projects Wiki for developers working on Chandler itself. Some of this information is from previous releases yet may still be helpful.

  • 0.7 APIs (automatically generated from epydoc)
  • 0.7 Data Model and Content Model (automatically generated from epydoc)

  • 0.6 APIs (automatically generated from epydoc)
  • 0.6 Data Model and Content Model (automatically generated from epydoc)

Connecting to the developer community

If you want to get up to speed with the Chandler project, the best places to start are the mailing lists or our Internet Relay Chat channel. To see how OSAF interacts with the developer community, see how we view RolesAndResponsibilities.

OSAF developers are often available online on the IRC channel, and we also hold periodic scheduled sessions. Sometimes we have a specific topic, sometimes we just have an open "office hours" time where you can ask whatever questions you feel like. You can view a log of past IRC sessions.

We are interested in feedback on the ease or difficulty of writing viewer parcels. If you find bugs in the implementation of the parcel framework, please file bugs. If you have questions about using the the API, dev@osafoundation.org is the appropriate forum for discussion.

-- TedLeung - 05 Feb 2004.

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