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We use this table in bug councils (our workflow us usually to process bugs with a '---' milestone target) :

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Last updated : July 10th 2007

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0.7 Development Plan

Application Team

driver 0.7alpha5 0.7 Release Post Preview
Brian Email workflow
Edit/Update workflow
  Email (POP)
More complete support for email
Bryan Dashboard : sections, ticklers, triage, status (comm, edit/update)   Dashboard : Projects.DnD between sections, explicit ordering of sections, sections for any column, custom columns, reordering of columns, clusters/tasks, variable row height
Jeffrey Recurring items in Dashboard   Free Busy improvements
Projects.DnD of emails from external email clients to Chandler
iMIP attachment (with Grant)
Projects.DnD from external application
John Search
Performances CPIA refactorization
Styles implementation
Collection bidirectionality
Reid Detail View: Expandos, Triage button, Edit/Update display
Sharing conflict notification and UI
Toolbar : drop downs
XCode integration
Label field UI in DV
Robin wx bugs and support to Chandler
WebKit? component (research and follow up)
  wxTNG work
Philippe     Styles architecture
Non Assigned     invites workflow
versioning UI

Platform Team

driver 0.7alpha2 0.7alpha3 0.7alpha4 0.7alpha5 0.7alpha6
Andi merge work (background sync)
collections and notifications
indexing and search
intel mac
indexing and search
indexing and search
upgrade ICU/PyICU
Grant timezone support
date/time sorting
email send
caldav interop
dogfood recurrence bugs
recurrence performance
reminders performance
caldav freebusy support
stamping as annotations
computed/indexed attributes for sorting
recurrence refactoring
item update workflow
recurrence refactoring
dashboard support
+ recurrence in tables
+ who/date column
+ last mod by
+ to/fr/up/ed
user defined attributes
Morgen background sync
plan for sharing format
background sync sharing format design
sharing world
sharing refactoring
sharing format
sharing ui
magic url
PJE eggs and setuptools eggs and setuptools, dump and reload planning external information model design
egg i18n support
stamping/annotation and other domain model support
external information model implementation dump and reload

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