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0.7 (Preview) Planning

Chandler 0.7 is officially known as the Chandler Preview release. The primary goal of Preview is to have an application complete enough in terms of performance and stability to get feedback from people outside the project. We have been using Chandler internally for some time and need to expand our user base to help us build a better 1.0 product.

Preview does not mean a feature complete 1.0 product. It's a coherent set of features around collaborative calendaring and task management, targeted for a specific group of users. We are aiming at small groups and not large enterprise organizations. We expect to have more than one Preview release before we reach 1.0.

In addition to Chandler the desktop client, users can share information using our hosted service which is running an instance of our Cosmo server.

For up-to-date info as we head into the final stretch, you can refer to our Preview Countdown Page.

0.7 Tenets

  • Experimentally usable dashboard
    • The first iteration support for task management workflows.
  • Usable calendaring
    • A personal and/or collaborative calendaring experience.
  • Experimentally usable collaboration
    • Collaborating on and supporting workflows for dashboard and calendar.

0.7 Alpha Milestone Plan

The 0.7 release will be split up into a number of milestones into which we will stage all the 0.7 features. These milestones will be labelled alphas (alpha2, alpha3 etc). Currently the plan is for Preview to have 6 alpha release and therefore Preview coincides with Chandler alpha6.

There are a number of artifacts that helped us plan these releases. Please note that these were prepared at the beginning of 0.7 and some of them have been modified quite significantly as we have made progress through the release. For more current feature lists, please see the detailed alpha planning pages below.

In addition, since 0.6 was our dogfoodable calendar, we wanted to build on that by being responsive to dogfood feedback we are receiving throughout 0.7. We have been maintaining a list of calendar feedback bugs and have further prioritized those. You can see that many of them have been addressed already.

0.7alpha1 - Released Feb 28th, 2006

  • 0.7 planning, including the milestone proposal and 0.7 tenets
  • bug fixes, architecture cleanup, etc.

0.7alpha2 - Released May 26th, 2006

  • Basic table support
  • Subscribe and publish free-busy urls
  • Sending simple event notifications
  • High priority dogfood calendar bugs

0.7alpha3 - Released August 2, 2006

  • Background sync
  • Projects.PyLucene indexes
  • More efficient use of collections
  • Recurrence performance fixes
  • Intel Mac support

0.7alpha4 - Released November 30, 2006

  • Performance
  • Experimental dashboard - Phase 1
  • Restore settings
  • Sharing format design
  • Domain model work - stamping
  • CALDAV free-busy reports
  • Visual improvements to calendar - lozenges, sidebar, icons

0.7alpha5 - Scheduled for June 2007

  • Dashboard Phase 2
  • Stamping UI
  • Sharing format implementation
  • Quick item entry
  • Performance
  • Email - Chandler to Chandler headers, iMAP folders
  • Dump & reload - data migration
  • Stability and performance
  • Polish and bug fixing
  • Context menus


Items slipping from Preview

Specs and working proposals

This is the running list of specs for 0.7. Each spec

Spec Name Owner Dev Owner Status Tasks
Free-busy & event notifications Sheila Jeffrey, BrianK Alpha2 work done. No specific deliverables for Alpha3 or Alpha4, only bug fixes logged in bugzilla.  
Dashboard Sheila BryanS Spec for Alpha4 complete and under review by devs.  
Sharing Sheila Morgen First draft of Alpha3 and Alpha4 spec.  
Search Sheila John, Reid First draft for Alpha4 done.  
Calendar bugs & features Sheila Jeffrey Ongoing prioritization list updated throughout 0.7.  
Stamping Sheila Grant Draft of 0.7 ready for review.  
Sidebar Sheila John First draft of Alpha4 goals, ready for review.  
Mini Cal and Preview Area Sheila Jeffrey First draft for Alpha4 done.  
Markup bar spec Sheila Reid Proposal implemented for Alpha2  
ContextMenuSpec Sheila   Some work done for Alpha2, full spec in progress for 0.7  
Timezones Sheila Grant No formal spec, final proposal sent to the design list  
Recurrence Sheila Grant Feature enhancements under discussion. Nothing specific spec'd out.  
Calendar Interop Sheila Grant Proposal under discussion with Grant.  
Dump and Reload Sheila PJE recent discussion  
i18n Sheila BrianK   bugzilla  
Labelling and user-defined attributes Sheila Grant In progress  
Contacts Sheila Grant In progress  
Email Sheila BrianK In progress  
Installers Sheila Bear In progress  
Keyboard Support Sheila      


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