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Desktop Work Queue

All the above items are to be completed before we can declare 1.0 on the desktop side. When we finish all the tasks, there still may be some web and server work that needs to be completed to support these 1.0 goals.


12335 RESOLVED Total data loss on chandler startup - restore not possible grant@osafoundation.org
12353 RESOLVED Export to .chex fails jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12381 RESOLVED Make eim lowercase all keys jeffrey@osafoundation.org

1.0-Candidates: Enhancements

Ubuntu distro

11056 ASSIGNED Upgrade to SWIG 1.3.31 bear@code-bear.com
11057 ASSIGNED Upgrade bzip2 to 1.0.4 heikki@osafoundation.org
11058 ASSIGNED Upgrade zopeinterface to 3.3.1 bear@code-bear.com
11059 RESOLVED Upgrade twisted to 8.2.0 grant@osafoundation.org
11060 ASSIGNED Upgrade configobj to 4.4.0 heikki@osafoundation.org
11062 RESOLVED Upgrade M2Crypto to 0.18.2 heikki@osafoundation.org
11075 NEW Load certificates from ca-certificates package on Ubuntu heikki@osafoundation.org
11209 RESOLVED man chandler heikki@osafoundation.org
11222 NEW PyLucene into Debian repositories bear@code-bear.com
11223 NEW PyICU into Debian repositories bear@code-bear.com
11225 NEW Zanshin into Debian repositories bear@code-bear.com
11226 NEW parsedatetime into Debian repositories bear@code-bear.com
11257 NEW Should use Gnome (?) proxy settings heikki@osafoundation.org
11276 RESOLVED Generate .deb only on Gutsy (Feisty) heikki@osafoundation.org
11329 RESOLVED Use system configobj, zopeinterface on Feisty and Gutsy heikki@osafoundation.org

Getting set-up to share - High effort pass

8928 NEW Distinguish between sharing with myself and sharing with others mimi@osafoundation.org
10983 NEW Keep subscriptions in sync between Cosmo and Desktop grant@osafoundation.org
11032 ASSIGNED Sync up calendar colors between Desktop and Hub morgen@osafoundation.org
11244 NEW Keep order of collections in sync between Hub and Desktop mimi@osafoundation.org
11594 NEW Add checkbox for keeping Desktop in sync with Hub account mimi@osafoundation.org
11995 NEW Allow users to share Read/Unread status grant@osafoundation.org

Application Basics - Things people expect to just work

8087 RESOLVED Support more recurrence rules grant@osafoundation.org
8172 NEW Print Triage List andre_mueninghoff@fastmail.fm
8948 NEW Support applying context menu and menu actions to multi-selected collections in sidebar grant@osafoundation.org
9065 REOPENED Make DONE section triage status sort order more comprehensible for imports and subscribes stearns@osafoundation.org
9175 NEW Why is the Triage Status sort button broken? grant@osafoundation.org
11034 ASSIGNED Sometimes tooltips stop working stearns@osafoundation.org
11845 NEW Cmd/Ctrl-Z does funny things in Notes field grant@osafoundation.org
11933 NEW Add ability to duplicate items grant@osafoundation.org
12057 NEW Alarm set incorrectly on applying to All recurring events grant@osafoundation.org
12222 NEW RIch text support in Notes field grant@osafoundation.org
12224 NEW Undo not working in text-widgets on Linux robin@osafoundation.org
12320 NEW Auto-complete doesn't allow subsets of existing fields jeffrey@osafoundation.org

Month View

10907 NEW Enhancement: A hybrid weekly/monthly calendar view grant@osafoundation.org
11319 NEW Dynamically adjust how many all-day / multi-day items we display in Month View rae@osafoundation.org
11356 NEW Provide visual feedback for calendar navigation grant@osafoundation.org
11369 NEW Multiday all-day/anytime events should span their days in multiweek view grant@osafoundation.org
11387 NEW Spacing and Visual Bugs in the Month View grant@osafoundation.org
11408 NEW Calendar view should persist as users navigates between collections grant@osafoundation.org
11410 NEW Month View: Keep order of all-day / any-time events consistent rae@osafoundation.org
11411 NEW Month View: Edit events in-place rae@osafoundation.org
11947 NEW No "selected state" for events in month view grant@osafoundation.org
12358 ASSIGNED Multi-day calendar entries that are not all-day only show up on their initial day in multi-week view jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12366 NEW Events appear 1 hour early in Multi Week View jeffrey@osafoundation.org

Make Chandler a Superior Tool for Personal and Shared Knowledge Work

7599 ASSIGNED Cannot remove from dashboard if in other mine collections mimi@osafoundation.org
7612 RESOLVED Recognizing URLs in the Notes field grant@osafoundation.org
8242 NEW The "All Future, Just this event" dialog appears too often grant@osafoundation.org
8939 RESOLVED Revisit sub-sort of LATER section in Dashboard grant@osafoundation.org
10931 ASSIGNED A way to specify what attribute you see in the Who and Date columns stearns@osafoundation.org
10933 ASSIGNED Don't change the Who column and Comm Status column when editing sent/recvd messages grant@osafoundation.org
11030 NEW Superbug: Making sending an email explicit grant@osafoundation.org
11038 RESOLVED Feature request: a UI affordance for selecting the starting day of the week grant@osafoundation.org
11317 NEW Alert users when they have items with pending changes mimi@osafoundation.org
11321 NEW Customize Application Bar pbossut@osafoundation.org
11563 NEW Provide visual feedback that a collection has new/unread items grant@osafoundation.org
11774 RESOLVED Sort LATER section by Date column jeffrey@osafoundation.org
11775 NEW Explicitly reorder items in NOW section grant@osafoundation.org
11776 NEW Do a better job ordering events when importing them grant@osafoundation.org
11817 NEW Add notion of "Owner" to Note Kind grant@osafoundation.org
11821 NEW Ability to send read/write or read-only link to others for individual items grant@osafoundation.org
11822 NEW Add ability to link to other items 'in-line' in the detail view mimi@osafoundation.org
11843 NEW Download flagged emails (IMAP) capps@osafoundation.org
11918 NEW Support 'spheres' or groups of collections grant@osafoundation.org
11940 NEW User-defined rule-based collections grant@osafoundation.org

Automatic Behavior

8168 NEW Sun probably shouldn't be treated as Sunday mimi@osafoundation.org
11293 NEW automatic custom alarm set on an item seems incorrect grant@osafoundation.org

Improve common workflows

3351 NEW Selected item should persist when switching from one App area to the Calendar grant@osafoundation.org
5459 ASSIGNED More alarm snooze options jeffrey@osafoundation.org
10109 NEW UI to take you to an item from the reminder dialog pbossut@osafoundation.org
12095 NEW Sidebar should stay same width when resizing app window grant@osafoundation.org
12267 NEW Add context menu item to "view event in calendar" grant@osafoundation.org

Bling Feature

5235 NEW Request for contacts management "architecture" mimi@osafoundation.org
11339 ASSIGNED Add 'Resource/Document App Area' grant@osafoundation.org
12211 NEW More commands for the quick entry field mimi@osafoundation.org

1.0 Candidates: Fixing what's broken.

Critical Data Integrity and Error Bugs

8125 NEW ValueError: I/O operation on closed file (#due to non-posix-compliant Windows feature) bear@code-bear.com
9502 REOPENED Email I drag into Chandler via Chandler Events IMAP folder gets duplicated bkirsch@osafoundation.org
11112 NEW Index Error when deleting collections grant@osafoundation.org
11266 RESOLVED Chandler won't launch because repository says it's in use by another Chandler after rebooting grant@osafoundation.org
11526 VERIFIED Chandler crashes with bus error on creating notes in the month view by right clicking grant@osafoundation.org
11619 NEW Ctrl+Enter until selection in sidebar, down arrow until you get IndexError, and repo hosed grant@osafoundation.org
11642 NEW Chandler crash when switching to month view. grant@osafoundation.org
11730 REOPENED Parsedatetime tracesback on some strings grant@osafoundation.org
11760 NEW Cannot save to chex grant@osafoundation.org
11780 NEW Desktop can't sync: desktop in a different state than the server grant@osafoundation.org
11972 NEW Traceback on sync in 0.7.5 grant@osafoundation.org
11986 NEW Chandler .7.5 crashing at startup grant@osafoundation.org
12024 NEW ICS import of COMPLETED fails on Mozilla non-compliant times without timezone grant@osafoundation.org
12029 NEW Traceback in 0.7.5 grant@osafoundation.org
12197 NEW Hard crash when a __db file got zero'd out. vajda@osafoundation.org
12298 NEW Crash on startup on Windows XP grant@osafoundation.org
12379 NEW crash when open chandler grant@osafoundation.org
12386 NEW All data lost after quit and restart of app grant@osafoundation.org
12394 NEW "Recovery error" and then app won't start grant@osafoundation.org

Linux Startup Issues

12237 NEW Unable to install: libsdl 32-bit dependency jared@wordzoo.com
12274 RESOLVED Deprecated libiuc36 dependency grant@osafoundation.org
12295 NEW Application dies with libexpat.so.1 error on CentOS 5.2 grant@osafoundation.org
12328 RESOLVED make all binaries in internal fails with: NameError: global name 'log' is not defined jared@wordzoo.com


12143 NEW Chandler IMAP Folders not working/showing up with Exchange/Outlook/Entourage grant@osafoundation.org
12218 NEW POP account says "[AUTH] not authenticated" with known good usernames and passwords grant@osafoundation.org
12359 NEW Unable to download Chandler messages from Gmail Inbox jeffrey@osafoundation.org

Pop-To-Now Bugs and Spurious Conflicts

9213 NEW byline not reflecting Edited by correctly for a shared item that was edited grant@osafoundation.org
10795 NEW Byline does not match Who column grant@osafoundation.org
10980 ASSIGNED Addressing stamp acting funny on shared, recurring event grant@osafoundation.org
11413 NEW Items viewed in the Hub show as "edited" on the desktop dan@osafoundation.org
11414 ASSIGNED Conflict resolution doesn't make exception for "auto-triaging" morgen@osafoundation.org
11420 ASSIGNED Conflict after a simple change in a task's triage status morgen@osafoundation.org
11615 NEW Changes in addressing fields causing spurious conflicts on recurring events grant@osafoundation.org
11638 NEW Note and Starred Items with future custom alarms pop into Now section every two syncs with Hub grant@osafoundation.org
11657 NEW False-positive conflicts around email addresses grant@osafoundation.org
11662 NEW Confusing pending change 'remove' message when item is in multiple collections grant@osafoundation.org
11665 NEW Item failed to pop to top of NOW section after it was edited by subscriber grant@osafoundation.org
11672 NEW Ops meeting on the Office Calendar shows unread for me even though I was the one who last modified it grant@osafoundation.org
11674 ASSIGNED Different comm status on 2 occurrences within a series grant@osafoundation.org
11675 NEW old DONE events popping into NOW section as unread inspite of no change grant@osafoundation.org
11710 NEW 'False-Positive' conflicts when item is updated from multiple channels bkirsch@osafoundation.org
11733 NEW Inbound EXDATE doesn't delete a modified occurrence grant@osafoundation.org
11749 NEW Recurring series I deleted in full or in part keeps coming back grant@osafoundation.org
11750 NEW Meeting for 3PM today popped to NOW this morning, triaged as NOW grant@osafoundation.org
11756 NEW Emailed item last edited by me popped to NOW as Unread grant@osafoundation.org
11762 NEW Recurring item I just edited popped to the top of NOW grant@osafoundation.org
11767 NEW Items changing triage status but not popping to now grant@osafoundation.org
11769 NEW Alarm didn't fire grant@osafoundation.org
11835 NEW Event with manually-set status does not auto-triage to NOW when its time arrives grant@osafoundation.org
11888 NEW DONE recurring event gets auto-triaged to LATER after being edited grant@osafoundation.org
11890 NEW Delay in sync causes bogus dueling Auto-triaging grant@osafoundation.org
11906 NEW Items marked "unread" after sync don't pop up to Now section jeffrey@osafoundation.org
11923 NEW Items auto-triaged to Now stay in the Later section grant@osafoundation.org
11924 NEW Items auto-triaged to Done stay in the Later section grant@osafoundation.org
11989 NEW Spurious conflict when changing To: field grant@osafoundation.org
11992 RESOLVED Alarmed items keep reappearing as Unread in NOW after I decided to share alarms grant@osafoundation.org
12093 NEW By default, share Alarms when Sync Manager creates sharing relationship to Collections on Hub grant@osafoundation.org
12132 NEW Done item reset to Now grant@osafoundation.org
12249 NEW Pop-to-Now redux jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12346 NEW Items with conflicts should be marked Unread and pop-to-now jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12380 NEW Changing recurrence rule for Daily Check-in resulted in algae bloom of check-ins jeffrey@osafoundation.org


12277 ASSIGNED Google and Apple don't inherit to modifications jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12278 NEW Support Google's CalDAV implementation jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12343 NEW Holiday passed but still active grant@osafoundation.org
12360 NEW Tolerate all-day EXDATE/RDATE when dtstart is a timed event jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12377 ASSIGNED zanshin http error on Google CalDAV calendar subscription jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12387 NEW Error importing/subscribing to Google iCal jeffrey@osafoundation.org

Usability: Stuff that's confusing.

5485 NEW Dialog for Removing a recurring event from a collection thinks I'm deleting jeffrey@osafoundation.org
6537 ASSIGNED Can't send an email written before account configured stearns@osafoundation.org
6624 ASSIGNED Setting recurrence pops up "This and Future" dialog even on newly created events grant@osafoundation.org
9583 NEW Delete, Remove and Remove-stamp-areas are hard to distinguish in context menus grant@osafoundation.org
9647 NEW Display # of search results for all collections grant@osafoundation.org
10371 NEW Creating new messages populates Send as pulldown with incoming email address instead of outgoing email address grant@osafoundation.org
10422 NEW sync-all silently quits after first collection errors out aparna@osafoundation.org
10559 NEW Warn users when deleting items that are in more than 1 user-defined collection jeffrey@osafoundation.org
10641 NEW byline incorrect in Chandler when mailed event updated from web UI rae@osafoundation.org
10930 NEW Better visual feedback for 'transient' 'ed' and 'last mod on' attributes in the Who and Date columns grant@osafoundation.org
10943 NEW Automatically overlay a selected but not permanently overlayed collection when... mimi@osafoundation.org
10995 NEW to address field changes to 'me' upon typing my email address and fails to send grant@osafoundation.org
11067 NEW Separate view selector from app area selection mimi@osafoundation.org
11069 NEW detail view continues to display the event after it has been deleted by applying a pending change rae@osafoundation.org
11170 ASSIGNED Disable Triage button when no items have section triage status stearns@osafoundation.org
11228 NEW search returns results from overlayed calendars. mimi@osafoundation.org
11439 ASSIGNED Applying a pending change that changes TS should not automatically move it to a different TS section stearns@osafoundation.org
11441 NEW Send button says 'Sent' when Draft-Message was selected rae@osafoundation.org
11451 NEW Windows Mail (in Vista) displays the chandler xml attachment inline bkirsch@osafoundation.org
11524 ASSIGNED Accounts dialog authentication controls misleading/confusing bkirsch@osafoundation.org
11590 ASSIGNED Items are getting placed into the Dashboard collection itself when they shouldn't jeffrey@osafoundation.org
11656 NEW Event duration change from iCal doesn't get applied to Chandler grant@osafoundation.org
11681 ASSIGNED Del key deletes an item instead of removing it from the collection jeffrey@osafoundation.org
11743 NEW Make it so Chandler emails with eimml show up on mailing list digests grant@osafoundation.org
11744 NEW Better error message when URL is corrupted grant@osafoundation.org
11768 NEW Auto-triage event-only items with alarms to DONE grant@osafoundation.org
11777 NEW Events that become DONE when Chandler is closed should appear in NOW section, not LATER grant@osafoundation.org
11878 NEW Can't put items you received via Email on the Server grant@osafoundation.org
11921 NEW Read-write access should override read-only access grant@osafoundation.org
12009 NEW Master password dialog steals focus on Mac OS X (Intel) grant@osafoundation.org
12015 NEW Changing recurrence end didn't propagate grant@osafoundation.org
12068 NEW Focus is in 2 detail views simultaneously grant@osafoundation.org
12130 NEW Changing "Send as:" email should auto-change "From" address, if "From" address hasn't been manually set. grant@osafoundation.org
12250 NEW Rationalize reminder / date column behavior jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12257 NEW Labels for what kind of date is displayed in Date column jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12271 NEW Display time zones nicer jeffrey@osafoundation.org

Visual Polish

7735 ASSIGNED Spacing around Toolbar text field is uneven and not middle-aligned with other Toolbar icons on Windows rae@osafoundation.org
8366 NEW We should have common Dialog base classes pbossut@osafoundation.org
11237 NEW Polish "Restore published shares" dialog robin@osafoundation.org

Data Integrity and Error Bugs

8931 RESOLVED Work around illegal commas in TZIDs jeffrey@osafoundation.org
10756 ASSIGNED Firing/Snoozing of Reminders seems to cause Key Error related to self.propagateAsynchronousNotifications() stearns@osafoundation.org
10921 ASSIGNED Changing start date of item with pending reminder dialog results in AttributeError: Reminder grant@osafoundation.org
11461 ASSIGNED Dismiss All Reminders leads to KeyError grant@osafoundation.org
11596 RESOLVED Recorded scripts TestMulti replacement fails on mac and linux grant@osafoundation.org
11740 VERIFIED .deb MUST NOT install to /usr/local bear@code-bear.com
11742 NEW .deb MUST clean up after itself on uninstallation bear@code-bear.com
11745 NEW Xlib: unexpected async reply and crash grant@osafoundation.org
11750 NEW Meeting for 3PM today popped to NOW this morning, triaged as NOW grant@osafoundation.org
11766 ASSIGNED Chandler halts (and sometimes also halts X) when I try to move/copy lots of items from one collection to another jeffrey@osafoundation.org
11786 NEW iCal "end after N times" repeated event only displays first event grant@osafoundation.org
11789 RESOLVED Can't subscribe to calendars at icalx.com grant@osafoundation.org
11792 NEW GET-only sync creates state objects for new local items grant@osafoundation.org
11828 NEW Traceback on dismiss of item in 0.7.4 grant@osafoundation.org
11859 NEW Traceback on startup of .7.4 grant@osafoundation.org
11860 VERIFIED Chandler suddenly exits (crashes?) after trying to install a plugin grant@osafoundation.org
11882 NEW RangeSet.py on selecting nonrecurring event in all calendar views grant@osafoundation.org
11897 NEW Debian package concerns jared@wordzoo.com
11907 NEW ParseDateTime fails in --locale=hu for date fields bear@code-bear.com
11925 NEW icalUID index error - possibly from import of ical item grant@osafoundation.org
12003 NEW Desktop doesn't sync grant@osafoundation.org
12075 NEW Traceback in trying to write to log file grant@osafoundation.org
12112 NEW Chandler unresponsive after update dialog popped up grant@osafoundation.org
12124 NEW Chandler Hub "Test" button causes Exception in Thread-2 grant@osafoundation.org
12133 NEW During export: RepositoryError.LoadError: attribute not found (possibly plugin-related) vajda@osafoundation.org
12144 NEW Searching Trash restores deleted items grant@osafoundation.org
12147 NEW Improve dialog management grant@osafoundation.org
12156 NEW Traceback when "Removing Addresses" on recurring event series that had 'ascii' error grant@osafoundation.org
12188 NEW AssertionError: item._fillItem(): no parent (mostly harmless?) vajda@osafoundation.org
12199 NEW ed_theme.py error during upgrade to .7.7 grant@osafoundation.org
12217 NEW crashes often after importing ics items from iCal (originally synced from Entourage) grant@osafoundation.org
12229 NEW Borked App grant@osafoundation.org
12230 RESOLVED Application won't launch when 2nd monitor is configured grant@osafoundation.org
12231 REOPENED Dialogs should pop up on mouse-up instead of mousedown grant@osafoundation.org
12254 NEW a collection from a subscribed non chandler hub cal do not always auto triage. grant@osafoundation.org
12287 NEW Different event displaydate on Desktop and Hub grant@osafoundation.org
12368 NEW Splitting recurring event from an ICAL / CalDAV app/service doesn't propagate to other collections in Chandler grant@osafoundation.org
12374 NEW Variance between day and week view for unusal repeating event grant@osafoundation.org
12378 NEW 400 error if you delete an item with pending conflicts grant@osafoundation.org
12385 NEW D-clicking on sidebar collection renames it "Test" grant@osafoundation.org



11526 VERIFIED Chandler crashes with bus error on creating notes in the month view by right clicking grant@osafoundation.org
11696 RESOLVED Drag alone, or drag and drop, crashes Chandler on Mac OS X with multiple displays/monitors robin@osafoundation.org
11860 VERIFIED Chandler suddenly exits (crashes?) after trying to install a plugin grant@osafoundation.org
12256 RESOLVED Overzealous url detection jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12262 RESOLVED Outlook doesn't like empty body for multipart/alternative grant@osafoundation.org
12306 RESOLVED Help Users Troubleshoot IMAP issue jeffrey@osafoundation.org
12318 VERIFIED Rename "Tools" menu --> "Debug" and do something with "Plugins" menu jeffrey@osafoundation.org

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