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Desktop Team

The Desktop Team is focused on building Chandler's Desktop Application.

At the application level, this includes WxWidgets, WxPython, Application Chrome (Toolbars, Sidebar, Menus, Keyboard Controls, etc.), Calendar Views, Dashboard View and Detail View.

At the platform level, this includes the Repository Subsystem, Calendar Service, Email and Sharing Services, the overall Architecture including Performance, Security, and i18n / Localization, the Domain Model and a framework for extending Chandler Desktop.

We are helped in our effort by an enthusiastic team of in house interns and SoC students.

Recent Meeting Notes

The team meets bi-weekly on Tuesday at 1:15PM US/Pacific. The weeks in-between, we simply fill out progress reports. Both are available here:

Geek Talks

We also have code design discussions (GeekTalks) on a regular basis (Thursdays 1:15pm US/Pacific) where we cover more in depth technical problems. We usually decide of holding those meetings when we hit some issue that becomes too involve to deal with entirely during our regular team meeting.

Current Plan

Since Preview shipped (September 10th 2007), we're embarking on a trip to hit a "non-Preview" version. Some pointers:
  • Current 3-months plan: PPD cooked up list of bugs we should fix for 1.0 plus a short list of high priority items for the next three months
  • 0.7.x Release Process: Following Preview, we decided to switch the release process to schedule driven releases rather than feature driven releases. We're committed to release a new version of Chandler Desktop every month.
  • 0.7.x schedule: The upcoming milestones up to the 0.7.5 version



Active Members:
  • PhilippeBossut* (pbossut) -- manager
  • AndiVajda* (ovaltofu) -- repository
  • BrianKirsch* (bkirsch) -- email, scheduling workflow, i18n/l10n (internationalization/localization)
  • BryanStearns* (stearns) -- dashboard, content model, attribute editor
  • GrantBaillie* (gbaillie) -- domain model, calendar service, zanshin
  • HeikkiToivonen* (heikkit) -- security, performance, accessibility, build?
  • JeffreyHarris* (JeffreyH) -- calendar UI, recurring events, import / export of calendars, VOBJECT
  • JohnAnderson* (DJohnA) -- cpia framework, cpia script
  • MikeT* (bear) -- build?, installers
  • MorgenSagen* (Morgen) -- sharing, web server
  • PhillipEby* (pje) -- schema api, schema migration, setuptools
  • ReidEllis* (rae) -- cpia, widgets, toolbars, detail view , print
  • RobinDunn* -- wxPython, wxWidgets

No-longer-as-active members:

  • KatieCappsParlante* (capps) -- osaf general manager
  • TedLeung* (sprout) -- community, chandler server manager

Summer 2007 Interns:

Summer 2006 Interns:

Summer 2005 Interns:

  • BrendanOConnor -- calendar, dev intern
  • ArelCordero -- wxWidgets / wxPython, dev intern

Gone but not forgotten:

  • AlecFlett -- calendar, developer platform
  • DavidSurovell -- wxPython, wxWidgets
  • DonnDenman -- cpia script, drag and drop
  • JedBurgess -- cpia, widgets, minicalendar
  • LisaDusseault -- manager, standards

*Committers -- members of the PPD and QA teams are also committers

Project History

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