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Current Combined Status

This page consolidates the status of all the different projects.

Apps (from ApplicationProject)

The platform team and the application team now meet as one desktop team. This page mainly contains links to information of historical interest (meeting notes, etc.)

Application Team

The Application Team is focused on building Chandler's Desktop Application User Interface. This includes WxWidgets, WxPython, Application Chrome (Toolbars, Sidebar, Menus, Keyboard Controls, etc.), Calendar Views, Dashboard View and Detail View.

Out of Date Project Pages

Project History

  • 2004 Meeting Notes: 01/06/04, 01/13/04, 01/20/04, 01/27/04, 03/02/04, 03/04/04, 03/11/04, 03/18/04, 04/08/04, 04/09/04, 04/12/04, 04/15/04, 04/22/04, 05/05/04, 05/13/04, 05/20/04, 05/25/04, 06/01/04, 06/08/04, 06/15/04, 06/29/04, 07/06/04, 07/13/04, 07/20/04, 07/27/04, 08/03/04, 08/10/04, 08/24/04, 08/26/04, 09/07/04, 09/14/04, 09/21/04, 09/22/04, 09/28/04, 10/05/04, 10/12/04, 10/19/04, 10/26/04, 11/02/04, 11/09/04, 11/16/04, 11/23/04, 11/29/04, 12/07/04, 12/14/04, 12/21/04

Services (from ServicesWorkingGroup)

May 24 Status

Who Progress Plans Other (OOF, questions)
Jeffrey Checked in some iCalendar tests; deferred some refactoring that would allow better tests. Progress on Recurrence spec Finish recurrence spec and start implementing  
Brian Messaging scheme finalized for i18n spec; working with Andi on pyICU; patches to submit to getText support for Python Final stake in ground on i18n; imminent posting to dev list  
Heikki Mostly IT organization (scrubbing tickets lists) and spec work. M2Crypto work. Found that query notifications don't work across threads -- this was a continuation of the investigation of last week Continue working with Ted on notification problem; investigate workarounds if a fix isn't possible in 0.6 Will be gone on vacation and conferences for 1 month starting next week.
Grant Was on AIDS ride Updating project stuff: Wiki pages, zanshin spec. Creating a test WebDAV server  
Mike Helping IT work; coding on the Bonsai SVN conversion project P1 build bugs, startup unit tests  
Aparna See AparnaKadakia20050614    
Anthony See AnthonyFranco20050614    
Phillip See DevPlatformMtg20050614    
Morgen See DevPlatformMtg20050614    
Lisa iCalendar spec additions Work on Wiki reorg and content update  

Bugzilla status by person (shows only tasks that have been entered in Bugzilla):

Repository (from RepositoryFramework)

Repository Working Group Home Page

This page is the nexus for all the pages that discuss the repository in Chandler — how it's represented, how it's accessed, and how various Chandler elements discover repository changes.

Project Goals

We want Chandler to be good at handling both structured and un-structured data. Chandler's data handling framework should be:
  • less rigid than (say) a relational database
  • allow the user to add more structure than is possible with a spreadsheet or a word processor.

The data framework will:

  • need to handle both structured and un-structured data
  • have to meet the needs of both parcel programmers and end-users.


  • AndiVajda -- persistence framework, data model
  • TedLeung -- queries, data model

Unscheduled tasks section

  • Backup/restore
  • Import/export framework
  • Remote browsing
  • Replication
  • Parcel loader rewrite for performance
  • Schema evolution
  • Access control

Issues List

  • Rationalize copy/delete policy (including clouds)
    • apps wants to be able to delete items
  • Improve repository notifications
  • re-kinding support
  • multi kinded items
  • schema evolution
  • undo support (nested transactions?)
  • copy/delete semantics
  • pinning API
  • queries
    • date/time representation
    • access methods
  • performance



  • RepositoryUnitTests
  • RepositoryBlog - Andi's principal mode of communicating about the repository
    • Versioning 27 Oct 2004
    • Ref Collection indices 27 Oct 2004
    • Item hook methods 27 Oct 2004
    • Dynamic Kind changes 27 Oct 2004
    • Item Clouds 26 Oct 2004
    • Ref Collection aliases 26 Oct 2004
  • Core Data Model (epydoc-generated docs)
  • Content Model Schema (autogenerated)

Meeting Notes

Historical interest

Design (from DesignToDoList?)

Warning: Can't find topic Trash.DesignToDoList

Build (from BuildProject?)

Warning: Can't find topic Projects.BuildProject

Community (from CommunityHome)

Community Working Group Projects

Cross-project status

EngineeringIssues doesn't yet have status by milestones, but might someday.

We don't have a good status page for IT, but see EngineeringRequestsForIT?.

-- DuckySherwood - 06 Jul 2004

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