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Cosmo 0.7 (Preview)

Cosmo 0.7 is officially known as Chandler Preview release. The primary goal of Preview is to have an application which supports Chandler desktop in terms of performance, stability and to hear feedback from users outside the project.

Preview does not mean a feature complete in the 1.0 product. It's a coherent set of features around collaborative calendaring and task management, targeted for a specific group of users. We are aiming at small groups and not large enterprise organizations. We expect to have more than one Preview release before we reach 1.0.

Please refer to our Preview Countdown Page for updates on all the major milestones between now and Preview.


  • Web client will support collaboration with a Chandler desktop user
  • Projects.Features necessary for OSAF to run Chandler Hub (osaf.us)
  • Show plausible promise for interop with other products
  • Support Chandler to Chandler sharing



  • This is a dogfoodable release. Dogfood feedback will be collected and may change the course of the features slated for Preview.
  • Unforeseen Chandler needs. Cosmo will continue working on features which will compliment Chandler.
  • Revise web UI layout to more closely resemble Chandler where it makes sense.

Specs and Proposals

  • CosmoSignUpWorkflow
  • Unifying Cosmo error messages: http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/design/2007-January/006152.html

Status and Projects.Features

  • Planned Projects.Features Superbug for Cosmo 0.7

Bug list below currently targeted for Cosmo Preview. Each section of the tables are divided by priority.

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