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Using iCal With Chandler Hub and Chandler Server

iCal is the personal calendar application integrated with Mac OS X.

Overview of iCal Support

iCal 2.0 (Tiger) and higher

iCal 2.0 and higher supports the "webcal" format which publishes all calendar events as a single file (by convention named with the .ics extension) which allows you to:

  • Publish a Calendar: No other program is allowed to make changes to the calendar on the server (iCal will overwrite any such changes it detects).

  • Subscribe to a Calendar: You can not make any changes to the calendar with iCal but can refresh the calendar to pick up changes made by the publisher.

iCal 3.0 (Leopard)

iCal 3.0 has rudimentary support for a number of draft specifications known as CalDAV which allow you to:

  • Sync with a CalDAV server: Lets you interact with your own calendars stored on the server using the CalDAV protocol, allowing your changes to remain in sync whether you make them in iCal or through the Cosmo web UI.


  1. iCal does not currently allow you to subscribe to anyone else's calendars with CalDAV.
  2. iCal has a known bug that prevents the deletion of calendars within a CalDAV account. If you try to delete a calendar in your iCal CalDAV account, the account will be marked "offline", and you will not be able to do anything further with any calendar in that account. You will have to remove the CalDAV account from your iCal preferences and then re-add it. This will not harm any of your calendars on the server, and when you re-add the account in iCal, it will discover all of your calendars on the server just like it did the first time.
  3. Creating calendars is also buggy and may result in an error. The error may result in the account marked as offline, in which case you must mark in online again.

Publish a Calendar

  1. Open iCal and ctrl-click on the calendar you want to publish.
  2. Click on Publish... in the menu that appears.
  3. In the Publish on: dropdown box, pick a Private Server. Some boxes will appear where you'll enter your Cosmo server and account information.
  4. In the Base URL box, enter your Cosmo home collection URL (https://hub.chandlerproject.org/dav/{username}/). iCal will automatically choose a filename for the calendar based on the calendar's name (eg Home.ics).
  5. Enter your Cosmo username in the Login: box.
  6. Enter your Cosmo password in the Password: box.
  7. Check Publish Changes Automatically and/or any other options you desire.
  8. Click Publish.
  9. If the the calendar was published successfully, you'll see a message listing the URL of the published calendar (https://hub.chandlerproject.org/dav/{username}/Home.ics).

Subscribe to a Calendar

  1. Choose Subscribe... from the Calendar menu.
  2. Enter the URL of the calendar you are subscribing to and click Subscribe. You can find this URL in the Web UI collection details dialog under Subscribe with: Apple iCal. See here for more information.
  3. If you are subscribing to a calendar in your own home directory and did not include a ticket in the URL, the Authentication dialog box pops up.
    1. Enter your Cosmo username in the Login: box.
    2. Enter your Cosmo password in the Password: box.
    3. Click OK.
  4. The "Untitled" Info box will pop up and allow you to name and set a description for your new subscription.
  5. Click OK.
  6. An entry for the new local version of the calendar is added to the Calendars sidebar, and the events are displayed on your calendar.

Note: Version 2.0.x of iCal does not allow subscription to https URLs. If your server supports unencrypted connections (regular http:// urls) you can replace https with http in the calendar URLs and it will work, but your calendar will not be encrypted.

Sync with a Caldav Server

  1. Choose Preferences... from the iCal menu.
  2. Select the Accounts tab.
  3. Click the + button in the lower left corner.
  4. Enter your Chandler Server username and password in the Username and Password fields.
  5. Enter a new name for this account in the Description field.
  6. Click on the triangle next to Server Options.
  7. In the Account URL field enter the URL of your CalDAV account. This URL will look like {scheme}://[{server name}[:{port}]]{path to chandler}/dav/users/{username}. For example, if you have an account named stormy on https://hub.chandlerproject.org, your account URL will be https://hub.chandlerproject.org/dav/users/stormy. For more information on this URL, please see here.
  8. Click Add.
  9. iCal adds your new account to the sidebar as well as all of your calendars it discovers on the server.

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