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Chandler Hub Sign-up Workflow

The numbers below correspond to the screens at the bottom of this page.

  • User types in hub.chandlerproject.org
  • 1 User is taken to Login page
  • User clicks on 'Sign up for one.'* **
  • 2 User is taken to a Sign-up page
  • 3 User successfully signs up
  • User clicks on URL in account activation email to activate account
  • 4 User is taken to account activation confirmation page
  • User clicks on 'Log in'
  • 5 Log in dialog pops up***

*Create a new account is more of an 'admin' view of user accounts. It suggests that the user might create multiple accounts, whereas the majority of users will only create one account. Instead, the user thinks of it as 'Signing up for an account.'

**Users can also Sign up for an account from the Sign up dialog off of a Ticket View

***I think this should be a pop-up as opposed to the Login page because users may decide to cancel the operation and set up an external application to publish.

Note To be consistent with Chandler, I have changed 'Username' to 'User name'.


  • Large type is: 15 point* and bold
  • Medium type is: 12 point*
  • Small type is: 10 point

  • Normal type is black: #000000
  • Hint text and de-activated text is 50% grey: #808080
  • Error text is red: #FF0000

*mde and Travis: Not sure how you're calculating type size. These are just the sizes I have in Photoshop.


View mockups with guides for margins and alignment at the bottom of this page:

  • Top margin above form title: 30 px
  • Gutter between Title and 1st form field: 20 px
  • Margins above and below the horizontal dividers: 20 px
  • Margins to the left and right of the horizontal dividers: 15 px

Workflow with Mockups

  • User types in osaf.us
  • 1 User is taken to Login page

  • User clicks on 'Sign up for one'
  • 2 Sign-up dialog pops up

  • 3 User successfully signs up

  • User receives an account activation email from the 'Chandler Hub Sharing Service'

Subject: Activate your Cosmo account
Welcome to the Chandler Hub Sharing Service. Click here to activate your account: Thank ye.

  • User clicks on URL in account activation email to activate account
  • 4 User is taken to account activation confirmation page
  • 4a User is taken to account activation confirmation page (Chandler Server)

  • User clicks on 'Log in'
  • 05_Activated_Log_in.png:

-- MimiYin - 06 Jan 2007

Logged in user experience

Travis logged a bug about what happens when users are already logged in: https://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7846

If the user is logged in...

  • http://host/cosmo should take them to the Calendar or PIM UI, where they can always logout and log back in if
  • http://host/cosmo/login takes them to a 'message page'. Uploading mock-up as well.

  • The links: 'hamstar' and 'your calendar' take the user to hamstar's Calendar UI
  • 'Log out' logs the user out and takes them to the 'Log in' page
  • 'Sign up' takes the user to the 'Sign up' page

  • Logged_in_Log_in.png:

Subscribing as you Log in / Sign up for a new account

  • If users click Log in or Sign up from the Ticket view, we pop up a dialog asking them if they want to Subscribe to the shared collection as well. Clicking either Add or Don't Add pops up a second dialog for either Logging in or Signing up.
  • Subscribe_Log_in_Sign_up.png:
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