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Cosmo Feed Service Specification

The Cosmo feed service provides a syndication feed-like protocol for accessing and manipulating users' content and account details. It builds upon the Atom Syndication Format (RFC 4287) and the Atom Publishing Protocol.

Entry Point

The entry point for accessing user data is the user service document, which lists the URIs of Atom collections describing the user's content collections, subscriptions and preferences. Details are found at CosmoFeedEntryPoint.

Collections and Items

Each content collection is exposed as an Atom collection and each note item as an Atom entry. Item data is represented as EIM record sets serialized to XML or JSON. Collections and recurring event items can be subjected to time-range queries and filtered according to various projections. See CosmoFeedCollectionsAndItems.


Tickets are exposed as Atom entries within a virutal Atom collection. Tickets are represented in XHTML with a custom microformat. See CosmoTicketSubscriptions.


Subscriptions to other users' collections are exposed as Atom entries within a virtual Atom collection. Subscriptions are represented in XHTML with a custom microformat. See CosmoFeedSubscriptions.


Preferences are treated similarly to subscriptions. See CosmoFeedPreferences.


All of these restrictions may be lifted in future versions of the specification.

Non-note Items

Although the server can store content items that are not notes, the feed service does not provide access to them or the ability to create them.. Chandler Desktop does not share these items, and the server's support for them is in general limited to basic file-sharing access with WebDAV.


Similarly, the feed service does not provide access to collections within other collections or the capability to create such "sub-collections". Again, the server's support for these items is limited to simple organizational tasks for file-sharing with WebDAV.


The feed service does not provide media resource access to server data. Data is only exposed as entry and collection resources.


The feed service does not support digitally signing or encrypting Atom documents.

Collection Partial Lists

The feed services does not provide partial list feeds.

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