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Cosmo web server

Cosmo Development

The current release is 1.1.0. See the project page for details.


Cosmo is a Java-based content/calendar sharing server with a built-in rich web application client. Cosmo is built on top of Tomcat, Hibernate, the Spring Framework, Acegi Security for Spring, iCal4J, Dojo, Abdera, Jackrabbit, Woodstox, and other best of breed technologies. Cosmo is available under the terms of the Apache Software License, Version 2.0.

Getting Started

Client developers and others who do not need to work with the Cosmo source code itself can download and install the pre-built package.

Those who want to build the development version of Cosmo from source should check the source code out of Subversion and build it yourself.

If you are interested in fixing a bug in Cosmo, read the patch submission guidelines.

Server Basics

Client Development References

  • User Service Document - Client entry point resource, listing protocol and UI URIs for a user
  • Feed Service - AtomPub-based content protocol
  • WebDAV-based content protocols: WebDAV, WebDAV tickets, CalDAV, CardDAV
  • Webcal - HTTP-based protocol for accessing iCalendar representations of collections
  • Morse Code - a custom HTTP-based protocol for synchronizing shared content between Chandler and Cosmo
  • CMP - a custom HTTP-based protocol for server management tasks


Cosmo includes hundreds of lightweight Java and JavaScript unit tests designed to be run frequently (before every checkin) located in /src/test/unit. The Java tests are built with JUnit and run with the mvn test goal. How are JS tests built and run?

Cosmo can also be accessed by other applications.

Other Resources

The build is monitored with Tinderbox.

Issues are tracked with Bugzilla using the Cosmo product. Please read the bug reporting guidelines if this is your first time reporting a Cosmo issue.

Questions and problem reports go to cosmo-dev@osafoundation.org.



Find answers to your questions about development with and for Cosmo at FAQ.

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