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Contributed Code

OSAF project work has resulted in contributed code back to several other open source projects:

  • wxPython and wxWidgets -- RobinDunn has made a significant number of improvements to wxWidgets and wxPython (he is also the author/maintainer of wxPython), all of which have been contributed back to the projects. JedBurgess, DavidSurovell, JohnAnderson and ReidEllis have also made contributions to wxPython/wxWidgets.
  • PyLucene -- AndiVajda used gcj to compile the Java Lucene full-text indexer to object code, integrated it with the C Berkeley DB, and connected it to the Python-based Chandler. These enhancements have been contributed to the Lucene project.
  • PyEGADS -- HeikkiToivonen put a Python wrapper around EGADS, a random number generator.
  • M2Crypto -- HeikkiToivonen became the maintainer of M2Crypto, a Python wrapper around OpenSSL.
  • Twisted -- BrianKirsch has improved Twisted's mail code and contributed that back to Twisted. HeikkiToivonen has integrated M2Crypto to Twisted.
  • Python -- AndiVajda improved distutils, these changes should be integrated into 2.4, PhillipEby made a variety of contributions to Python 2.5
  • setuptools -- PhillipEby wrote setuptools for packaging Python projects as "Eggs"
  • vobject -- JeffreyHarris is working on a stand alone module with Dave Cridland and TJ Gabbour to parse vCard/vCalendar like files.
  • Jackrabbit invited BrianMoseley to be a committer after some contributions
  • Abdera -- BrianMoseley has contributed patches to the AtomPub? server module
  • iCal4J invited RandyLetness to be a committer
  • Dojo -- MatthewEernisse has contributed date and time related code to the Dojo project
  • pydev -- HeikkiToivonen contributed PYTHONPATH and smart indentation fixes
  • bonsai -- MikeT contributed bug fixes and SVN support changes. Invited to be a committer and is now a project reviewer
  • tinderbox2 -- MikeT contributed bug fixes. Invited to be a committer and is now a co-maintainer.
  • parsedatetime -- MikeT wrote parsedatetime to solve the natural date/time parsing needs of Chandler. Darshana Chhajed joined the project after fixing many issues and is now a co-maintainer.
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