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Community Meeting 1 June 2007


  • Remaining branding deliverables
  • website tuneups, metrics
  • Dogfood docs
  • Site analytics




  • Progress
    • redefine Cosmo 0.7 program management roles
    • co-ordination of Cosmo 0.7 dashboard work
    • Chandler desktop performance evaluation
    • OSCON logistics

  • Plan
    • Reviews
    • Cosmo 0.7 release
    • SoC?/Interns ramp up


  • Progress
    • Orrick logo TM search - results - little likelihood of us infringing on existing trademarked logo
    • broader test of Google Analytics on wiki revealed our continued use of old wiki.osafoundation.org links on our websites - going through and changing those to chandlerproject.org-format links
    • QA testing continuing
    • worked with IT to setup svn branch and tags structure for websites in preparation for Preview non-dev docs development
    • redirects being put in place for the various new domain variations to chandlerproject.org

  • Plan
    • create a page to provide background and proposal for IP protection of logo, start pr list discussion for consensus on registering logo with USPTO of lesser form of protection.
    • more QA testing
    • continue work on early dogfooder documentation - reviewing and testing data migration and interoperability workflows
    • self review??
    • other HR issues - Lakiba not in on Fri. will talk with her on Mon. - prep list of projects

-- PieterHartsook - 01 Jun 2007

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