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Community Meeting 4 May 2007


  • Remaining branding deliverables
  • website tuneups, metrics




  • Progress
    • Cosmo 0.6.1 - QA, bug council, etc.
    • Reviews

  • Plan
    • Cosmo 0.6.1 endgame
    • Reviews


  • Progress
    • fixed www.osafoundation.org home page to show announcements from the last several months (instead of blank space) and made a static html copy of that to use as www.osafoundation.org/index.html Permalinks from previous posts remain as static html files and work the same. (MT is no longer used in any way for osaf site.)
    • worked with Paul to migrate and verify chandler, cosmo, www.osafoundation, and blog and associated scripts from pele to new machine webapp2
    • redirect in place for http://blog.chandlerproject.org to go to wp.osafoundation.org - will flip this after we do that with the wiki
    • Not happy with the Google webmaster tools Jared and I have been experimenting with, also the Performancing metrics for the blog is no longer active and the Shortstat package is marginal, AWStats is ok for the OSAF site. Started experimenting with Google analytics on chandler, wiki, and blog - looks promising see: https://www.google.com/analytics/home/report?rid=3184000&scid=1763951
    • see attachments on this page for examples of
        • sample of Google webmaster tools view of OSAF wiki query stats
        • google analytics view of query stats for chandler site
      • Q? why is shortstat (log parse?) coming up with an 8600 hits (average of 32hits/page view for the blog based on google analytics 164 PVs on Thurs. 5/3)? Does this have to do with the RSS/Atom feeds?
    • waiting for logo activity to complete before sending off for trademark search
    • QA - testing both server and desktop, participating on irc, filing bugs
    • initiated discussion on design list on triage list sorting order
    • writing upward review
  • Plan
    • more QA testing
    • broader test of Google Analytics on wiki
    • begin work on one or two short screencasts - probably Bookmarkable URLs and the related Editing calendars via Cosmo without an account
    • Self review
    • get final logo to Orrick to begin TM search

-- PieterHartsook - 27 Apr 2007

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pngpng chandler_google_analytics_5-4-07.png manage 182.8 K 04 May 2007 - 05:41 PieterHartsook google analytics view of query stats for chandler site
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