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Community Meeting 27 Apr 2007


  • Remaining branding deliverables




  • Progress
    • Review infrastructure
    • Cosmo release management
    • Cosmo design Meetings
  • Plan
    • Reviews


  • Progress
    • migrated 105 OSAF announcements (May 2003 to Feb 2007) from MT to WP, worked with IT to make sure permlinks will be preserved, and floated proposal to pr list to make blog.chandlerproject.org the location for future official announcements and do a bit of minor tweaking, e.g. categories for posts, posting "author" etc.
    • spent time getting my big personal calendar into chandler and cosmo for qa testing. Generated several bugs which got fixed of targeted for 7.0
    • started capturing search stats from google tools to help us evaluate the impact of switching the wiki to chandlerproject.org. Working with Jared on refining the robots.txt and sitemap files for the new (and ole) websites.
    • collected "Top 10" features to highlight with end-user documentation, and screencasts
    • Mimi and Jared have contributed to the Position Statement page and Mimi expanded her contributions at WhatGoesIntoOurPositionStatement
    • Exchange with Mimi on closing on logo so we can start TM search
    • Exchange with pr-l at Calconnect to instigate a BOF at OSCON in response to Nat's comment about lack of calendaring solutions.

  • Plan
    • begin work on one or two short screencasts - probably Bookmarkable URLs and the related Editing calendars via Cosmo without an account
    • Reviews
    • see if we can close the MT migration from www.osafoundation.org index page and replace it right now with a static snapshot (permalink solution implementation remains to be done) Actually www.osafoundation.org now looks like crap (no new announcements since Feb.) so maybe this should bump up in priority.
    • get final logo to Orrick to begin TM search

-- TedLeung - 27 Apr 2007 -- PieterHartsook - 27 Apr 2007

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