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Community Meeting 13 April 2007


  • Preview countdown
  • Branding Status
  • Reviews




  • Progress
    • Google Summer of Code - resolved duplicate assignments and OSAF received 3 student slots
    • Cosmo 0.6.1 - prioritizing bug
    • Cosmo 0.7 - created tree of bugs, revised estimates, getting additional SWAGs for new features coming from design team.

  • Plan
    • On site at osaf, meetings on various topics


  • Progress
    • get consensus on page migration plan for existing sites - circulate to Preview countdown group and get on agenda for Monday - Done
      • Jared has next actions for moving forward on implementation
    • continue development of position statements WorkingPositionStatements - sent to PR list but only Jared and Ted have added targets. I have added items and statements
    • wiki gardening work on Projects and branding pages - stalled
    • Preview countdown assignment deliverables - position statements, site infrastructure, site migration (had discussion with Jared about approaches)
      • Archives are html page in 2 formats 1) each post has one page in the form http://www.osafoundation.org/archives/000989.html and 2) posts are also aggregated by month as in http://www.osafoundation.org/archives/2005_01.html. The pages could be scraped and concatenated into a single announcement archive page with a TOC and anchors. New announcements will be posted on the blog and in the wiki right sidebar so, I'd add a static page to the blog with the announcement archives since a search now works across both the blog posts and static pages. Discuss this then I'll float a proposal to chandler-users?
    • mocked up sample wiki page with Under Construction banner implemented as an easily used wiki variable and using a different skin - sent to PR list. This may be the best approach for staging new material. Reid suggested not tagging the TWiki Topic name with UnderConstruction? because it will break external references when changed.
    • peer-review suggestions: Sheila, Priss, Jared

  • Plan
    • site migration plan for www.osafoundation.org announcements
    • continue development of position statements WorkingPositionStatements - send to PR list.
    • wiki gardening work on Projects and branding pages?
    • Preview countdown assignment deliverables

-- PieterHartsook - 13 Apr 2007

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