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Community Meeting 06 April 2007


  • Preview countdown
  • Branding Status
  • Reviews




  • Progress
    • Google Summer of Code - all proposals rated, resolved multiple org mentorship of one student
    • OSAF Summer intern - extended an offer which was accepted
    • Cosmo 0.6.1 - now reached end user QA state
    • Cosmo 0.7 dashboard - all pieces planned and estimated
    • Cosmo 0.7 - all tasks logged as bugs and dependencies inserted
    • Passed unit test windmill project to QA
    • Wiki gardening of CosmoTeam? and CommunityArea?

  • Plan
    • Google Summer of Code - expect to have student allocations this week
    • Cosmo 0.6.1 - monitor progress to release
    • Cosmo 0.7 - finalize estimates and record plan
    • Probably more wiki gardening


  • Progress
    • Continued work on list of existing web site page actions. Discussion with Jared and IT on best practice for different kinds of pages:
      • Almost all of our content can be managed via the wiki (looks like only 4 pages need to be static html)
      • by using " * Set SKIN = plain" wiki page preference we can hide all the usual wiki editing/navigation kruft for low-traffic pages that are statements of record for example that we don't want to imply are publicly editable, eg. http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Journal/WikiHtmlTest . This page is just the raw html from the OSAF website pasted into a wiki page with minor edits to make links absolute instead of relative and hiding the set skin = plain statement at the bottom of the page by making that text color white.
      • for PERFORMANCE reasons the main index page and the handful of pages that take a long time to serve, e.g. .ppt, .pdf files should be served directly from apache. This can easily be done via .htaccess so that there would only be one chandlerproject.org site from the user's point of view. Evidently the streaming media files referenced in wiki pages are in the pub directory and are streamed directly by Apache without the wiki overhead
      • for VISUAL context reasons we can easily adapt the new visual branding elements of the wiki to the static html pages of the site
      • we should manage the static pages using svn to help with launch updates, i.e. branch/tag Preview pages so that they can be staged and then pushed (or rolled back) as a unit.
    • wiki gardening exercise
    • Position Statements: set up wiki page for collecting real needs statements WorkingPositionStatements

  • Plan
    • get consensus on page migration plan for existing sites - circulate to Preview countdown group and get on agenda for Monday.
    • continue development of position statements WorkingPositionStatements - send to PR list.
    • wiki gardening work on Projects and branding pages
    • Preview countdown assignment deliverables
    • peer-review suggestions

-- PieterHartsook - 06 Apr 2007

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