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Community Meeting 23 Mar 2007

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  • Branding Status




  • Progress
    • Google Summer of Code
    • OSAF Summer interns
    • Cosmo 0.6.1
    • Cosmo 0.7 dashboard
    • Windmill installed and running

  • Plan
    • Google Summer of Code
    • Phone screen interns
    • Cosmo 0.6.1
    • Cosmo 0.7 dashboard
    • Unit test running via windmill


  • Progress
    • Received, reviewed, and corrected trademark registration docs then forwarded corrected docs to Mitch for "electronic" signature.
    • Received and reviewed information about foreign registration fees and have requested clarification.
    • Helped Todd with Foxmarks trademark registration correction and requests from USPTO for clarification of their registration.
    • Worked with Heikki to set up bugzilla OSAF components to create superbugs for punchlist management of integrated web property tasks for Preview - began to create bugs, e.g. see Bug#8408 .
    • Had some discussions with Jared re. tweaking the new Chandler sites using Google sitemaps and using some of the Google webmaster tools. Also talked about website infrastructure and site development tools and processes for content development, management, staging, and pushing to production.
    • got laptop back repaired properly from Apple in less than a week! Moved recent work from loaner and am back on my machine.

  • Plan
    • make sure the trademark filings get done, need a bit more research on the foreign filing choices.
    • continue development of position statements PreviewPositionStatementDrafts
    • continue Preview non-dev doc punchlist bug creation
    • create wiki page list derived from Katie's email suggestion of specific kinds of position statements and make deliverable assignments - make strawman schedule for Preview countdown meeting on Monday
    • make list and circulate to [general] website pages/outline

-- PieterHartsook - 23 Mar 2007

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